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Mothers And Sons….And Michael Buble.

Hi, . Just to cheer you up, and give a good start to your , I am going to do this post about a young man called Sam Holyman….and his mother. . This is about a mother who wants to help her son and make him happy. . During a Michael Buble concert in Birmingham […]

Michael Jackson. Involuntary manslaughter.

Hi. . Well it has been dragging on for a long time, but eventually a decision has been reached with regard to the death of Michael Jackson. . If you remember, he died just before his planned concerts, and after his death the film footage shot during the rehearsal period was put together into a […]

Sexual Healing.

Hey, . Does music ‘turn you on’. Does it add to the thrill of love making. Is there a reason why music really does set the scene for successful seduction. . Of course there is. It has now been proved by scientific research carried out by researchers from McGill University in Montreal. It is now […]

Wagner gets It On.

Hey People, . So it is the results of the semi-final tonight. Excellent. . Oh by the way,  I have been reading that Wagner is doing very well at the moment. After being out of sight for a few days after leaving the show, he has now surfaced, and is doing performances at various nightclubs. […]

Willie Nelson Rocks.

Hi, . , Willie Nelson singing ‘Always On My Mind’ is one of my favourite somgs. . Willie, who is now 77, is still doing it his way. Last Friday he was arrested yet again, when his tour bus was stopped at a US Border Patrol Checkpoint and officers apparently noticed the smell. He was […]

Revisit Kylie Minogue And Spencer Tunick.

Hello’ . It’s being rubbishy, grey and extremely wet most of the time here now. Not to mention it being cold too! . So, spending a little more time indoors led me to revisit one of Kylie’s videos. It is about five months now since I last saw it so perhaps a trip down memory […]

Iain Glen Rocks.

Hi and a good morning to you, . We are on to now….so the week is moving on. . I hope that yesterday went well for you. I had a good evening last night myself, I really enjoyed it. . As we were not doing anything much we decided to watch a film that I […]

James Blunt Saves The World!

Hey, . Did you know that James Blunt is really Superman. He actually saved the world! . It was reported in The Times, at the weekend, that he used to hold the rank of a Captain in the Lifeguards and told his story of helping to avert an international incident . It appears that in […]

Michael Jackson Has Beaten Elvis.

Hi, . Well, people are always saying that they are worked to death, but how about earning a very cool £174m in just one year, after you are actually dead. . Such is the fascination with Michael Jackson that he earned more money this year than the combined income of Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Madonna […]

Extra Songs From Matt Cardle.

Hi Peeps, . Well, it seems that everyone is agreeing with of Matt Cardle being the most likely act to win this year’s X Factor competition. . He just keeps turning out excellent original performances every week. . I have been checking up a bit on him and found out that he was with a […]