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Mysterious Green Cloud Over Moscow.

Hi,   Big scare in Russia yesterday morning.   The residents of Moscow woke up and were stupefied to see the sky. It was green.   Apparently there is a ‘green cloud’ hanging over the place.   There were many panicked reports on Twitter etc. and officials struggled to calm the fears of the worried […]

More Hope For Loch Ness Monster Hunters.

Hey,   Well, here we go again, some things never die down for very long.   There is  huge excitement once more in Scotland. Recently more possibilities have been raised in the vexing question about whether there actually is a real  or not. This argument has been going on for many years and still has […]

Film: UFO Over Seoul On 7th April 2012.

Hey, hey,   It does not stop does it!   This is a film taken by an amazed passenger on a plane flying over Seoul in South Korea a few days ago. What do you make of this one then?   UFO’s are here again, the skies above aren’t clear again …. . .

Is It A Ghost?

. . Japanese woman walks through a ghost. On film. . . That is weird!

Oh-Oh …. Here We Go Again!

Hi, . We have lots of  activity this year. The sightings just keep on coming. This is one of the latest. The strange light was spotted over London, and uploaded it on 6th Feb. . Unfortunately, although stimulating interest in viewers, there is great scepticism because of the lack of detail and the fact of […]

Is This Actually The Monster- On Film!

Hey, . This is the week for my ‘Mysteries And Wonderments’ section. . First the ‘s and now the fabled monster ‘Lagarfijotsormurinn’, who is believed to have lived in the freshwater glacially-fed Lake Egilsstoir in the east of Iceland, since he was first reported as being seen in the 1300’s. . Although he is known […]


Hi, . As you know, I do like to bring you different sorts of things, but there is really not much that is truly new in this world of ours. . Some time ago I showed you the woman who has  to be incredibly tiny. . Now there is great interest in another woman who […]

The UFO’s Keep Coming In 2012!

Hey Peeps, . More strange and  going on again all over the world. . On January 27th there were reports of a blue UFO with red lights, which was seen passing slowly over Utah. A gentleman called Anthony Piceno took the following film of it, which was later shown on The Weather Channel. . Weather […]

Are They Watching Us!!!!!!

Hi, . And so the weirdness goes on. Here, in the early days of 2012, there have been many reports of UFO’s overhead. For instance, it has been reported that UFO’s were observed at Chatham in Kent at the beginning of January 2012, and in Essex last Friday, in the early morning. . These are […]

Apples Falling From The Sky.

Hi, . So, have you still got stewed apples left over from Christmas day, to put in the turkey sandwiches?….I have!! For me, it is very important not to forget to buy a bagfull of them in the panic of the festive rush. . However, for some lucky people, apples can just appear out of […]