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Earthquake Predicted To Hit Rome Today. May 11th 2011.

Hey, . How weird is this. . Many years ago, there was a prediction made by a gentleman named Raffaelle Bendandi, that on May 11th 2011 there would be a massive earthquake in Rome. . Rafaelle Bendandi was a seismologist. . There has been great concern about this prediction, probably because of recent events which […]

And So It Begins Again. New 2011 Crop Circles Appear.

Hi, . Midweek already, and we are still enjoying mostly tropical weather. Everyone is beginning to look a little bit tanned now, instead of the usual slightly-pale-green British look that we all have. . The only downside is that there has not been the usual yearly amount of rain, which has been causing fires to […]

UFO Footage On Mainstream News Reports Worldwide.

Hello Peeps, . . I am showing you more Mysteries And Wonderments today. This following clip is composed of mainstream news reports of UFO’s, which were taken all over the world. Definately worth you taking a look. . . This is a compilation of Alien Anomalies which were taken on various NASA flights. . . […]

How Strange Was That.

Hello Peeps, . See, it is Thursday already. Doesn’t time fly when you are looking forward to an extra day off! . The weather is still good as we inch towards the new Royal Extravaganza, and it appears that the spoilsport pundits may have been wrong and the weather may stay fine and dandy. . […]

Extreme Bodies. Unusual People Customizing Themselves.

Hi, . . Happy Tuesday to you all, fortunately the weekend is creeping yet nearer as you read this. . As you all probably know by now, I have a real fascination with people who use as a canvas to to suit their tastes. . . First of all we have a Mexican mother of […]

Has The 1947 Roswell UFO Incident Been Confirmed?

Wooooo…. . Great excitement and consternation amongst on-line UFO aficionados at the moment. All concerning the Roswell Incident. . Roswell happened in 1947. There were reports from local people in New Mexico, regarding the crashing of a strange object that had been found on ranch land. During the first few days afterwards, there was a […]

New Film Of Bigfoot.

Good Morning Peeps, . I hope that you are feeling chipper today. Although I was met this morning by dreary grey skies and a definate threat of even more rain, and perhaps more hailstones, I don’t see any good reason why it cannot be tropical by teatime. That is called ‘looking on the bright side’, […]

Latest UFO Sighting In USA.

Hey, . Once more there is great interest in the never-ending saga of the . There has just been a fascinating incident, which took place in Colorado, on the 20th March 2011 . Three red lights were seen clearly, formed into a triangular shape, but seemingly with no connection between them. . This incident took […]

Tsunamis And Strange Effects On Fish.

Hi, . Now there are reports of strange fish behavious after the in Japan. . It seems that there are dense shoals of fish in the sea off the beaches of Acapulco. The fish are so close together that they look like oil slicks. Elated fishermen can just walk out and gather them up in […]

Book Of Milton’s Poetry Is Bound With The Skin Of A Murderer.

Hi, . Already ….excellent! . As you know, I am sometimes struck by happenings which are described under my section titled’ Mysteries And Wonderments’. This post is definitely one of them. . At present there is an exhibition underway at the Westcountry Study Library in Devon. This is under the heading of ‘Crime And Punishment’. […]