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Jeong-Hyun Lim. CanonRock.

Hello, . Today I want to tell you about a korean schoolboy called Jeong-Hyun  Lim. He is something of and a genious of the electric guitar. . I apologise if you already know what I am talking about, but that is quite probable because 85+ million of you have already watched him on UTube. . […]


Greetings Peeps, . It’s Friday…Wey-Hey!!! . Today the local Spar may get some ” in. I can have thick toast, and applied with a heavy hand. . Do you see the perfection in having a way to get happy, which is so easy to obtain. Not every week of course….but frequently. . If you can […]

Bargain Price House. If You Don’t Mind Living With Snakes.

Morning Folks, . I thought that today we should begin in a somewhat slithery way, and talk about an excellent bargain I have found for one of you….but there are conditionssss….you musssst like snakes….and you musssst fancy living in Idaho. . There is a house. It is in Idaho. It has been slashed in price […]

Appearance Of A Headless Monk Stops Building Works.

Hello, Hello, . Life is strange isn’t it, but sometimes we get so bogged down in everyday stuff that we forget that we do not know everything. . There may be a whole other out there. . For instance, strange and is said to have been going in a fun theme park here in the […]

Superwoman, Aged 71, Foils Robbers In Northampton.

Hi, . Today we shall have another story, which is but true. . It is early February in the year 2011, There is a shop called Michael James Jewellers, which is in Northampton town centre. . There is a 71 year old lady called Ann Timson who lives on the Spring Boroughs Estate in Northampton. […]

Another Rare Treasure Found In A Cardboard Box.

Hello, . Yet another post from my sick-bed….goodness, it is way boring in here. It gives you a sore bottom too, when you just sit propped up with cushions for days on end, I reckon that by the time I eventually get up my legs will be atrophied with all of this enforced inaction! Happy […]

UFO Filmed Over Jerusalem In January.

Hey, . What do you think about the white light seen over Jerusalem a few days ago. . UFO….or what! . It was seen and filmed from many different angles by many different people. . What do you think of it? . U Tube video of the strange event. . . . .

Ambam Is Walking Tall.

Hi, . Got to tell you about this latest U Tube craze. . This time it is Ambam….a Western Lowland gorilla. A special gorilla….one who walks like a man! . This furry, silverback gentleman is a cutie who stands 6ft tall and weighs in at a more than respectable 35 stone. . It is unusual […]


Hey, . Greetings once more, on a very cold morning. . I was told by a cheerful soul yesterday that we can expect to have a return to the freezing cold, snowy weather again today. I did not want to believe it, but last night it suddenly became dreadfully chilly, so we may indeed be […]

A Lifetime Love.

Hey, . How strange love is. . And how closely would you be bound together with someone you have been in love with for almost 70 years. This is the story of a couple who were married long ago, after courting for three years . They had three children, all boys, and enjoyed their grandchildren […]