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A Fascinating Experiment.

Hey, . Another dark and sombre day today, with thick grey clouds glowering overhead. Sometimes this kind of weather feels positively biblical, like those days when the clouds are suddenly pierced by a shaft of light that reaches down to the earth in just one clear beam. There is such beauty in all the various […]

The Lost City Of Z.

Hey, . Is it all over now? Are we finally thawed out? . Up until Saturday we still had snow lying and there was very treacherous ice underfoot but then we experienced rain for most of yesterday. This has resulted in everything being cleared away so comprehensively that the place looks normal again. . I […]

This Is The Most Beautiful Thing.

Hi, I have to share this clip with you. . It is one of the most lovely things that I have ever seen. . People say that animals do not have the same feelings that humans have, but I think that they should see this lion showing affection, love and gratitude towards the woman who […]

Untamed World.

Good Day To You, . Whoah, we may feel that we humans are in charge and that we control our environment….but we certainly do not! . A week ago an undersea robot filmed an undersea volcanic eruption as it happened. This was just a lucky happenstance, right place at the right time. For 25 years […]

Nikola Tesla. Genius.

Hi, . Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? . I hadn’t, and I was totally amazed when I discovered him. . Some people are remembered for one thing only, not for a lifetime of such creative invention. . Nikola Tesla was not only outstanding intellectually but also in his physical presence. He was a […]

Conversation On A Train.

Hi Peeps, . All the best to you upon this fine, sunny morning. I think that it could best be described as cold….yet bracing! . Big H is off to the doctors this morning, because I made him an appointment after talking with my brother at the weekend. He is going to ask to be […]


Hello, . . I watched a fim called ‘Farinelli Il Castrato’, which is the life story of a boy who, at the age of 7, was castrated in order to preserve his unusually beautiful voice. He then went on to become the the most amazingly famous 18th century opera singer, using the professinal name of […]

UFO’S. The Official Story.

G’day, . Once more I have risen early.  Four o’clock and all is well. It is extremely windy this morning and the sky  has been swept clear of clouds.  I can see many beautiful stars, twinkling and bright. It brought to mind a report that I read recently in The Times. Did you know that, […]

New Sighting Of Loch Ness Monster!

Hello, hello,. . Wonderments are afoot dear peeps. . Did you read The Times today? Sometimes I do love that newspaper. It provides me with much, sporadic, interest of the weirder type. It would appear that there has been a new sighting of The Loch Ness Monster. . It seems that a security guard, obviously […]