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Hi,   It is finally  again, and it definately feels that it has been much longer than a week since we had the last one …. and I wonder why time goes so quickly when you are enjoying yourself … and so slowly when you are not! It must have something to do with truly […]

Tube Station Assault.

Hi, . It often seems that the world is becoming quite scary nowadays! . It was horrifying to find that the latest assault to take place in the London underground concerned a young woman being thrown onto the tracks by a stranger who grabbed her on the platform at  Square on the Northern Line. . […]

Texting Can Be Dangerous!

Hey, . Something technological for you today. . It is noticeable that people are completely addicted to texting nowadays. . Big H and I were recently surprised to see what happened when some uniformed young ladies, who had just left school for the day, got onto a bus we were travelling back home on. The […]

Here We Go Again.

Hi, . Here we go again. What on earth is it with trains, and train passengers, these days! . In this clip taken just before Christmas, we have another strange on a London train. During this particular incident, we see a passenger wearing headphones, who is grooving to the beat of his own drum. . […]

Abuse On The Bus

Hello, . Sadly, not everyone is feeling ‘ full of the spirit of Christmas and goodwill towards men’, . Over the last few months there have been many agressive rants being filmed on our trains, trams, buses and our streets, in some cases accompanied by physical violence. . Here is one such incident, which took […]

Wee Bawbag Thrown Off Train By The ‘Big Man’.

Well, Well, Well, . Sometimes the alleged ‘fare dodgers ‘get a lot more than they bargain for. . This particular incident took place in Scotland on the 9th December 2011, on the Scotrail passenger train that travels from to Perth. . When the white-haired ticket inspector makes his rounds to check the passengers’ tickets, he […]

The North Wind Doth Blow.

Hello, . My goodness we are getting icy winds here today. . Apparently, some reports state that it is gusting up to over 150 mph in Scotland. . Here is a BBC news report about the weather conditions. . . And this is the beach at Prestwick, Scotland uploaded yesterday. . . Oooohhh….summer’s gone then! […]

102 Is A Magic Number.

Hi Peeps, . Even very old people can find excitement…..if they have the nerve to . . A while ago there were more saddening headlines about older people being uprooted willy-nilly from their nursing homes before being scattered away from their friends and routines, into new places whether they wish to go or not. . […]

The Attack Of The Killer Clothes Horse.

Hello, . It’s the weekend….Whoopee! . It’s that time of the week again, when we all get down to party …. especially those who have taken up the student lifestyle and are busy making friends and influencing people. . Of course, some of us find that life in a strange place can be full of […]

Come On, It’s Not Like It’s The End Of The World!

Hey, . So, it is Monday, the least popular day of the week. Everyone is now wishing away the days until Friday, and the exciting promise of a weekend to suit themselves. . Unfortunately, wishing away the days might not be a good idea….at least not according to some It is time to be scared […]