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Talk About Being Taken For A Ride.

Hi, . Some time ago I did a post about the in Russia. These people jump onto the trains, and travel between stations for the fun and fuelled thrills….and obviously kudos amongst fellow travellers. . There has just been a YouTube video uploaded which shows that there seems to do noting that is so dangerous […]

NYPD Cops filmed Dirty Dancing. Adult Content.

Good Morning Folks, . So it is Wednesday today and the weekend is quickly approaching….excellent! . You can probably tell that I am a lot warmer and therefore far more cheerful today. . Yesterday our boiler was finally fixed on . A new engineer from the firm who actually made the flighty thing in the […]

Feeling A Bit Windy.

Hi, . Whoaahh….things are wild and windy here at the moment. . Yesterday we received the tail-end of Hurricane Katia as it arrived fresh from it’s journey across the Atlantic from . . Big H and I have been stuck in the house for the last three days because our boiler went haywire, and there […]

Riots in West Croydon. 08-08-2011.

Hi, . Now there are new uploads on YouTube taken from CCTV during the recent rioting. . I have stuck to one particular area…. West Croydon…..on 8th August. . This is a man being robbed of his scooter. . . Buses were attacked. . . Richer Sounds being looted. . Fires started. . . Furniture […]

What Has Thursday Brought Us.

Hi, . So here we are on the fourth day since the began, . By we were already seeing the first of the arrested rioters being charged and brought to the Magistrates court in London. . A boy of only eleven was reported to have attended court with his mother. He was accused of theft […]

UK Riots Spreading. Latest Update.

Good Morning, . It is quite sombe here in the UK today after the problems of the . . Last night the rioting in London was in control, with a reported 16,000 police in the capital. . Unfortunately, gangs of youths were following on in many other cities nationwide, looting, destroying property, setting fires and […]

Riots In UK.

Hi, . It is a shocking day here in the UK, after the another night of rioting and looting. . The streets of certain areas of London seem to have become no-go areas, with gangs of youths doing exactly as they please. The mayhem has gone on now for three nights and is steadily growing […]

Volcanoes R Us

Good Morning, . So it is Sunday once more, amazing how regularly we keep getting them really! . The skies were very heavy and black when I got up this morning, not much sign yet of the two weeks of weather which was being forecast to begin about now. But hey, weather is a strange […]

Tsunamis And Strange Effects On Fish.

Hi, . Now there are reports of strange fish behavious after the in Japan. . It seems that there are dense shoals of fish in the sea off the beaches of Acapulco. The fish are so close together that they look like oil slicks. Elated fishermen can just walk out and gather them up in […]

Psst. Wanna Buy A 1971 T2 Harrier Jump Jet?

Hello People, . So, are any of you interested in , or in things to be bought on e-bay? . If you are then this page should definitely be of interest to you. . My goodness, is there anything that you cannot buy on e-bay. . I think that one of the strangest items ever […]