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The End Of A Dream.

Hey, . Did you sleep well last night. Did you dream. . Well,  we all have our dreams. We can well imagine changing our lives to suit our dreams, but for most of us the dreams stay in the realm of imagination and . . But not all of us! . I remember about three […]

The Last Post Of 2010.

Greetings People, . Sorry that my postings have been a little irregular over the past few days, but I have had problems with broadband reception. . I also have a lot of travelling around and happenings to enjoy because of the Christmas and New Year festive season and Big H’s improved health….so I am going […]

The Big Freeze.

Hi, . Saturday is here again, so we shall be meeting once more tonight, to find out how things are going to shape up for the X Factor semi-final. Unless I have frozen to death first of course. . I was up late again this morning because I find myself being totally unwilling to actually […]

Black Friday Bonanza.

Hi, . So today is the start of a Black Friday shopping bonanza at Amazon.co.uk. It begins today and continues up until next Friday…or should I say Black Friday. . According to the Amazon site, this week of reductions includes up to 60 or 70% off lots of fabulous items which would be wonderful for […]

Putting A Roman Candle Where The Sun Don’t Shine.

Hi, . It’s and I think that you should start off the weekend with a thoroughly silly thing. . In Germany there is a show called Das Supertalent. It is a sort of German version of our Britain’s Got Talent show. . Now, there are many people who enter these talent shows because they want […]

Prince William Is Now Engaged To Kate Middleton.

Well, well, well, . Get ready to buy the obligatory mugs, tea towels and wall-hanging picture plates. . Prince William, second in line to the throne, has finally popped the question. . Clarence House made a formal announcement today that the prince is now engaged to the ever-patient Kate Middleton and that they plan to […]

Things I Never Knew About.

Hi, . I wonder if you have ever read about the village of Baltimore in Ireland, and about what happened there in the early dawn of June 20th, in the year of 1631. Charles 1 was ruling in England at this time. . During this period of history there were many raids carried out in […]

Bonkers For Conkers!

Hey there, . Did you hear the one about the 12 stone man and the conker? . Well, it seems that a certain fellow by the name of Matthew Gwynne, aged 28, was taken by a sudden impulse to re-live something he had totally enjoyed doing as a child many years before. . He decided, […]

The Iceman.

Hi Folks, . How the hell are you. Be cheered my darlings, it’s nearly the weekend. . After doing I was reminded of a guy called Wim Hof. This guy is totally incredible and is somehow able to resist levels of extreme cold. . This Guinness Book Of Records world record holder has carried out […]

The Price Of Love.

Hi, . Hoping you are happy and have found romantic love in your life. . But, of course there is a downside to this, as there always is. . We need to trust. We are actually taking a step into the dark when we finally give ourselves up to fully loving someone else. We  trust […]