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Raoul Moat. Police IPCC Investigation.

. Due to evidence given by bystanders, it is now thought that police officers may have been issued with a new model Tazer shortly before the final stand-off took place in Rothbury. . The guns which had not yet been given Home Office approval were distributed to the officers, although such action is lawful if […]

Raoul Moat. Aftermath.

Good Morning, . For the past week there has been a man hunt for Raoul Moat, who was 37. He was wanted in relation to the shootings of his ex-girlfriend, her partner and a policeman. His ex-girlfriend’s partner was killed. . Last night in the Northumberland town of Rothbury, there was a stand-off between the […]

Latest Reports. Raoul Moat. Police In A Standoff For Past Hour

Hi, . Latest BBC reporting on the police search in Rothbury . Apparently the police are negotiating with a man fitting Moat’s description. Is it over now! J. .

Uncovering A Treasure Trove.

Hey, . I hope that I find you bright-eyed  and bushy-tailed upon this fine Friday morning. I say ‘fine’ but in actual fact it is grey and damp again here, but it is still extremely warm and that is fine with me. . Did you hear the exciting news from Somerset? . A treasure hunter […]

Raoul Moat Caught On CCTV Camera.

Hi, . If you are following the hunt for Raoul Moat as it stretches out over days, then here is the latest development. . Police have found what appears to be the fugitive, caught on CCTV in a Newcastle shop, hours before he was alleged to have shot 3 people. . These are the most […]

Search For Raoul Moat.

Hi, . Wow, I see that Rothbury has now been sealed off as the armed police hunt for Raoul Moat continues. Strange how these things happen, we just passed through there a couple of days ago on one of our drives around the countryside. . In case you have not read about it here is […]

Mind Control Is Sneaking Up On Us.

G’Day, Just adding an Australian twist to the day again….perhaps it will encourage some sunshine. We are grey and cold again here at the moment, but a little watery sunshine is peeping through every now and again, so I am hopeful. . Big H is doing well at the moment. On the last hospital trip […]

Wonderful Creatures And Stuff.

Hey, . How  do I find you this rainy grey Tuesday, are you having a reasonable week, I certainly hope so. Yesterday was totally lovely and the sun continued to shine wonderfully all day long, with everyone looking very cheerful and underdressed. Of course, there are always those who tell you that good weather is […]

Robber Barons,And Smuggling A Dead Man.

Hey, , Good morning and everything, I hope I find you well and happy with your lot. Might as well be, there are no exchanges or guarantees on this one even if you do find faults or bad workmanship. . I had a great deal of fun this morning when I went out earlier to […]

The Search For Keith Bennet.

Hi, Good Day to you. . All is well here.  We are once again basking in sunshine although it is somewhat cold and will still require a coat outside. . I have had quite a surreal morning. At 6.00 I was awakened by Big H getting up…What!!!!! you may gasp….he was going to have a […]