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A Plague Of Noxious Smog.

Hello Folks, . This is an unexpected treat for you. A second post! Are you not lucky, lucky, lucky as Kylie would say! . I was just reading that China received some divine punishment last week….no doubt because of their previous in so It seems that last week  Hong Kong was hit by a poisonous […]

How Unusual Can It Be.

Hi, . Life is a strange beast is it not? . I was recently thinking about weddings and was very much surprised to hear about some of the stranger weddings which have taken place. . There was, for instance, a man who became single once more when his wife Rose died in May 2007. He […]

Cats Who Talk and Human Tigers.

Hi, . Hoping that you were greeted by something a little more cheerful than us weatherwise. The tropical splendour of yesterday has given way to a windy and pale grey, yet luminous, Monday. But we are winning because it is still warm, so it can only get better! . I had a lot of time […]

More UfO Stuff.

Hi, What a beautiful day it is here today. I was up late again because I could not sleep, so did not get to bed until 4am, but I still woke up at 7.30am because of the wonderful bright sunshine bleaching around the curtains and into the bedroom. . It is so cheering to experience […]


. . The sun’s rays finally reached to the edge of the pond, reflecting brightly on the shards of glass scattered randomly on the grass, relics of a summer picnic years ago. The water itself was unpleasantly stagnant in an unbelievably lurid shade of green. As the dawn brightened a little more, the scenery became […]

Wholesale Slaughter.

Hi, . Greetings from a cold and dark corner of the UK. It is still freezing here, with no visible sign of change. When I got up this morning and looked out of the window I could still see snow lying in the fields across the valley. Brrrr.! . Today has proceeded in an orderly […]

Jessica Alba Rules.

Hi Peeps, . Oh No….it is snowing here again. No wonder It was so freezing cold here yesterday that I could not get warm. . I do not want snow now, I want blue skies and standing outside admiring my newly emerging Hyacinths…. Stop doing it! I have had enough snow now! . . Life […]

A Matter Of Some Weight!

Hi, . News flash. . Weighty matters to share with you all. Whoaah, life can be dangerous in the most unlikely of places. . You do not necessarily have to be or deep sea . . Recently, on Jan 15th in Sweden, some unfortunate people learned that it is dangerous to be too overweight. . […]

Clips To Make You Happy?

Hi People, . Today I thought that I would post some of the U Tube film clips that I found made me feel happy. It is a change to see large groups of people having fun and enjoying being together. . The first clip is a T Mobile one in Trafalgar Square…..with Pink. . . […]

Awesome Salsa-dancing British Granny Wins Spanish TV Contest.

Hey, . Did you hear the one about the 75 year old Salsa-dancing granny? . Well, once upon a time, a British pensioner and her husband did what so many older people do. They retired to a place in Spain, near to Valencia. . So far so normal. . Five years ago, when Mrs. Jones […]