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A Visit To Hell.

Hey, . I’m up a bit later this morning, probably because it is so bloody cold just now. I know that the central heating does not come on until 7.30am, so I expect that subconsciously I have decided to sleep longer rather than sit up and freeze for hours. There is no point in undergoing […]

Race Memories.

Bonjour, . No, don’t you worry, it is still me. I just though I would add a little sophistication to the proceedings. . Well, they always do it with perfumes don’t they. If it is advertised with a French accent then it must be better! . Alors. . It is pleasant here today. In other […]

Things That come As A Shock.

Hi, . At the weekend I was reading the news story about a poor guy who found out something that must have come as a most horrible shock. . A DJ called Matthew Roberts, now 41 years of age, was adopted as a baby in 1968. . He grew up with his parents in Illinois […]

The People Who Lived On Stilts.

Hey, . I hope I find you well and happy today. . All is cool here. I have been up since the early hours, which has enabled me to have a bath, wash my hair, feed the birds, and enjoy a and …and all before the painters arrive at their usual hour of nine. . […]