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Bizzle Having A Quick Snack.

Hey, . Let’s brighten up a pretty grey Sunday with a bit of good cheer. . It is not really surprising how very popular animals are on YouTube, especially those who . If you like a laugh as much as I do, then you will absolutely love this, along with an awful lot of other […]

Battlefield Three Hero!

So, . Today we have one especially for you video gamers out there, especially PS3’s (PlayStation3). . There is great awe and disbelief amongst people who play video games at the moment, because they cannot believe what they are seeing with their own eyes! . This is because of a player known as RendeZook, and […]


Good Morning, . Not long until Christmas now. . So, how are you doing with the small gifts and stocking fillers …. or the calendars! . Now, finally, there is something a bit different, being offered to those of you whose thoughts turn to forward planning. . There is a very different, if not eye […]

Mystery Creature In British Waterways.

So, . Something strange is lurking in the waterways in East , near to the new Olympic Park. . A witness was out with friends for a boatride on the River Lea in November. . They were all commenting on a big Canada Goose, adult birds being said to be approximately 16 lbs on average, […]

Wee Bawbag Thrown Off Train By The ‘Big Man’.

Well, Well, Well, . Sometimes the alleged ‘fare dodgers ‘get a lot more than they bargain for. . This particular incident took place in Scotland on the 9th December 2011, on the Scotrail passenger train that travels from to Perth. . When the white-haired ticket inspector makes his rounds to check the passengers’ tickets, he […]

Ufo’s Overhead During Anti-Putin Protest In Moscow.

Hey, . Political happenings with a strange twist for you today. . Because of the recent allegations of rigged voting having taken place during the December elections, to enable Vladimir Putin’s party to retain power, Pro-democracy organisers arranged a protest to take place in . On Saturday, this was attended by thousands of angry people […]

12 Year Old Girl Visits Heaven, And Paints It.

Hey, . We have an unusual post today. It is about a 12 year old girl who says that she regularly began having  visions of Heaven from the time that she was four years old. . This young girl, called Akeane Kramarik, began telling her mother about Heaven at that time, and began clearly describing […]

Ruined Shit.

Hi, . All of us know the devastation that can be caused by our pets. . I well remember our own most destructive pet. He was a beautiful  German Shepherd who ate his way through a striped 3-piece suite, a beautiful anique figured velvet Victorian suite with dropped ends, and lastly an antique green velvet […]

View The Day.

Hi Peeps, . Oh my goodness….Red Sky In The Morning, Sailors’ Warning. . That was what happened here this morning. A most beautiful sky, but what does it presage for us. . Everything is covered in frost this morning, and it feels like that includes myself! . The central heating is still programmed to switch […]

The North Wind Doth Blow.

Hello, . My goodness we are getting icy winds here today. . Apparently, some reports state that it is gusting up to over 150 mph in Scotland. . Here is a BBC news report about the weather conditions. . . And this is the beach at Prestwick, Scotland uploaded yesterday. . . Oooohhh….summer’s gone then! […]