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UK Riots Spreading. Latest Update.

Good Morning, . It is quite sombe here in the UK today after the problems of the . . Last night the rioting in London was in control, with a reported 16,000 police in the capital. . Unfortunately, gangs of youths were following on in many other cities nationwide, looting, destroying property, setting fires and […]


Hello, . Things to make you go . . Whoahhhh! . . . . . . . . And of course…. absolutely WHOAAAHHHHHH! . . Don’t try that after a few drinks! J,x. . . and specially for you…to end on a high note… . . .

Riots In UK.

Hi, . It is a shocking day here in the UK, after the another night of rioting and looting. . The streets of certain areas of London seem to have become no-go areas, with gangs of youths doing exactly as they please. The mayhem has gone on now for three nights and is steadily growing […]

Mysterious Creature Found Dead On Minnesota Road.

Hi, . How wonderful to brighten up a Monday with a mystery! Now there is a new ‘Mystery and Wonderment’ item for your delectation. . In a place called Alexandria, which is in Minnesota, a mystery has surfaced. A local woman was driving along County Road 86 when she suddenly spotted a very strange looking […]

Hiroshima. Lest We Forget.

Hi, . There has just been a commemoration in Hiroshima, which was in remembrance of the 66th anniversary of the Atomic Bomb which was unexpectedly dropped upon that unlucky city by America at the end of WWII. It took place on August 6th, 1945 at 8.15am. . Hundreds of thousands were killed in the blast […]

Touches Of Gaudi!

Good Morning, . ….is what we are all saying here at the moment….but hey, we are used to it! . Yesterday turned out to be a corker though. Big H felt great and suggested that we make the most of the sunshine by going to the beach, and he did not need to ask me […]

Ooooh, This Water Is Just Right.

What a good morning. . Things have changed here at last and we are all walking about casting a long shadow. Just like ‘High Noon’ but without the guns and cowboy hats or the wagons and Gary Cooper, or even the services of a ! . I think that we shall enjoy our perambulations today, […]

Sometimes You Just Know That They Are Wrong!

Hello, . I wish you a fine day. It is still unfeasibly warm up here ….and with heavily clouded skies. Yesterday we cunningly went for a long walk in the countryside, before the torrential but warm rain began, with Big H sweating as if it was going out-of-fashion. . That sounds yukky of course, but […]

To The Beat Of A Sunday Drum.

Hi Peeps, . The madly here to welcome a Sunday. I  suppose that it could be very annoying to some, but I love it, quintessentially British childhood memories there. . . In those far-off days of a simple sort of life, just after WWII, we were grateful for any that would relieve long and bland […]

Will This Horror Ever End.

Hello Folks, . I am saddened to have to write this post on what is unfortunately a sadly familiar subject. . I read in the press about this video, which was apparently taken at an Essex abattoir. . The film footage was taken secretly by animal welfare campaigners for Animal Aid, over a period of […]