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First Cut Of The Season

Good Morning, . Well, things have picked up weatherwise now. Yesterday it was so sunny in the afternoon that we went for a ‘pootle about’ in the car …. and with the top down too! . It was lovely driving around Northumberland, gazing at the lush greenness which suddenly changes into bare landscapes with only […]

My D.I.Y. ‘Long Bob’ Haircut.

Good Morning to you, . And so we start another warm day, although there is not very much blue sky showing at all. . Yesterday turned out to be a very good day indeed. My ‘chancey’ hair experiment went very, very well. I was ‘Lucky! Lucky! Lucky’ as  would say. . I suddenly made up […]

One Battle Won And One Battle Lost.

Hi, . Things are going very well here. . We have a warmish day, although there is a heavy grey sky which is seeming to be mere inches above the rooftops. There are also thousands of shy snowdrops to be seen all over the place, looking as if they have been freshly created from pristine […]

Sodding Gremlins!

Hello . Jaksie’s Back!!!! Did you miss me! . Well, I shall regard the past few weeks as a well earned holiday …. but in actual fact …. it was a nasty Gremlin attack. . And, of course, computers can just be . Now this was somewhat of a problem for me, because as you […]

Rock-A-Bye Baby.

Hi, . I know that many ‘experts’ are at loggerheads about the correct way to treat babies. I also know that many tentative new mothers are very timid, when it comes to the best advice, and when it comes to deciding who to listen to. . Sometimes gut  instinct is actually the best way. If […]

Siku The Baby Polar Bear.

Hi, . So, we have something unbearably cute today  (and there is a pun in there somewhere). . On November 22nd 2011, a tiny bear was born in a Scandinavian Wildlife Park. Unfortunately, his mother was not able to feed him as she did not have good enough milk production. This has meant that the […]

How To Get Rid Of The Chav Element.

Hi, . The Irish bookmakers, Paddy Power, have come up with another hilarious advert. This is their solution to subdue the emerging Chav element which is creeping into well known horse racing meetings, such as the Cheltenham Festival, which takes place over five days in March. . If you remember, there was  which took place […]

Adult Content: But What If It Does Not Work!

Hey, . Whoaah, life can be very very strange. . This weird piece of film has just been uploaded onto YouTube. . It shows a man who has just bought himself some American , with a special ‘second chance’ additional piece, which the guy says was made, appropriately enough, by a manufacturer called Second Chance. […]

Tube Station Assault.

Hi, . It often seems that the world is becoming quite scary nowadays! . It was horrifying to find that the latest assault to take place in the London underground concerned a young woman being thrown onto the tracks by a stranger who grabbed her on the platform at  Square on the Northern Line. . […]

Puggles And The Baby.

Hey, . I just love this YouTube clip. . It shows a 5 month old baby who is learning to gnaw by watching family dogs do it. . . . I especially loved one comment this video, which was uploaded by someone identified as CaptnGraviton …. …. ‘Eat well little one, for tomorrow we chase […]