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Fifty Shades Of Grey … Yeah Right! Payne’s Grey! (Arty Joke)

Hey, Hey, So, how goes it with yourself. I am assuming of course, that you are actually doing something other than avidly, or even heatedly, devouring your copy of the publishing phenomenon that is ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, because if so you will be far too busy to bother with me. It seems that this […]

Gentlemen, Let’s Be Upstanding!

Hi, . My goodness it was freezing cold here last night. . I kept waking up throughout the night because it was so cold….horrible! When I got up this morning into a chilly bedroom, I gave an involuntary shudder-type thing and felt a sharp crunchy pain in my neck….and now I cannot move it ….and […]

NYPD Cops filmed Dirty Dancing. Adult Content.

Good Morning Folks, . So it is Wednesday today and the weekend is quickly approaching….excellent! . You can probably tell that I am a lot warmer and therefore far more cheerful today. . Yesterday our boiler was finally fixed on . A new engineer from the firm who actually made the flighty thing in the […]

Uniformed Police Officer Filmed Having Sex On Car Hood.Adult Content.

Oh Dear, . A surveillance camera in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has taken film which has got the state police in a real tizzy. . The pictures show a uniformed officer, still wearing his gun and utility belt, having sex with a woman lying across the hood of a car. . There is now an […]

Are You Looking For True Love?

Hi romantics, . So, are you ….true and lasting . Well, there is now a site which follows on from an old idea, which may well help you to find ‘the one’. . Many years ago a lady in the USA married a man who was quite similar looking to her. And this is a […]

Boys Will Play.

Hello Peeps. . Something a bit different….and nostalgic…. for you today. A glimpse of eroticism as it used to be in the old days. . Magazine began 57 years ago. It was de-rigueur for the boys of my age to secrete a few copies under their mattresses in order to fuel their and provide them […]

Getting A Stiffie Could Make You Deaf.

Hi People, . . I remember when I was very young, and in those far-off days was not a relaxed subject. . Young male children were often warned not to masturbate themselves, because it would make them go blind. As you can imagine, that sort of thing can lead to hang-ups in relationships later. Obviously […]

Sex On Wheels.

Hi, . Yesterday we were forced to do some shopping…. or starve. So we finally did some. . While I was out there, doing the , I made a few interesting observations. . First of all, have you realised how many of those white haired oldies are now sailing about on those motorised chair thingies. […]

Shock! Horror!:Students Enjoy Alfresco Sex On USC Rooftop.

Oh Dear Me Oh Dear Me, . Shock and horror over student behaviour in Southern California. . It seems that a series of photographs were taken at a university in Los Angeles. . It happened when students looked out of their dorm windows to see a couple who were apparently having sex on the roof […]

Sexual Healing.

Hey, . Does music ‘turn you on’. Does it add to the thrill of love making. Is there a reason why music really does set the scene for successful seduction. . Of course there is. It has now been proved by scientific research carried out by researchers from McGill University in Montreal. It is now […]