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Squeaky Sex Can Cause Problems.

Good Morning Peeps, . How the hell are you this morning. If you are in the UK, then you are no doubt wishing that you were somewhere else at the moment, anywhere that is in the least bit warm no doubt. Join the club! It is still a . Of course there are ways by […]

How To Cock-Up Your Life.

Hi, . And a good morning to you all. . I hope that you have had a calm week earning your daily crust, in a way that does not cause you to upset too many people. Unlike a lady who lives in Melbourne, called Libby Ashby. . She has just caused such offence to her […]

Wearing Red Increases Your Sex Appeal.

Hey, . Interesting findings on the ‘how best to attract men’ front have just been published. . The study which seems to prove this premise, was done in New York, at Rochester University. . The method used was to show pictures of a reasonably attractive lady to two groups of male students. The only difference […]

Sex And Sexual Desire.

Hey, . Today I thought that we should liven up our Wednesday with . Well, not literally in my case because we are spending our day having hospital tests, but I cannot speak for all of ! . In Detroit, Dr Michael Diamond and his team at Wayne State University have been doing research into […]

Shopping Is As Good As Sex. It’s Official!

Hey, . What are you all doing today then. . Could a number of you be enjoying a well earned rest in bed, after a good session of shopping on Saturday. And perhaps a cigarette! . It seems we finally have an answer to the vexing question of “Why is shopping for a good bargain […]


Hi, Midweek already….or as my Canadian friend always says….it’s Humpday. That means the mid-part of the week, then you get over the hump and on to the weekend. . As an English person I at first assumed that it could be sexual ….ie. humping….but I was wrong. Not that having a special day of the […]

Increasing Numbers Of Sexually Active 11-Year-Olds.

Hey, . We are having the usual warm but grey day here again. Feels quite tropical, looks very dull. Not exactly Acapulco! . I was surprised at the latest findings that there has been a big increase in the number of 11 and twelve year old girls who are taking the contraceptive pill. Five times […]

With Many A Winding Turn.

Hey, . And that brings us back to Monday, which so far is promising to be a quiet day. . It is warm, grey and damp again this morning, and I am suffering. We went for a short and yesterday and it has resulted in us having from some kind of fly, obviously brushing through […]

From Standing Cats To Simulated Doggy-Style Sex.

Good Morning, . Once again I write from a grey UK. Sometimes, after a wet British winter and a mostly wet British Spring, Summer and Autumn I am surprised we are not all a mouldy green colour here. Tropical it is not, although we can eat lots of bananas and try to persuade ourselves that […]

Having Sex In Trees.

Good Morning Peeps, . How the hell are you today then! It is once again a Friday, portal to the weekend, so that is grand. . I feel very good again this morning because I once more awoke to brilliant sunshine, which makes everything so cheering and wonderful. It is definitely the end of a […]