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Poem: Sex.

Sex. . Sex is good For when you’re bored It’s good for For when you’re not It’s good for Helping when you’re ill No matter What you’ve got . .

Sex Addicts.

Hey. . What is a sex addict! . What does that bring to mind. . I mean, are men expecting to be taken seriously when they say things like…. “I didn’t mean to play away but I just couldn’t help myself…or “It happened so suddenly I just could not stop it” . I mean, can […]

Adult Poem; Spelunking. Adult Content.

Spelunking. . Tiny fellow goes spelunking With a hard hat and a light, While his partner lies there waiting Like a mountain in the night. . A know -it-all from England Went spelunking with no plan. They found him trapped deep underground A thinner, wiser, man. . Tonight he goes spelunking For the missing piece […]

Adult Poem: Click. Click. Click. Adult content.

Click click click . alfresco sex upon the beach seemed great while we were doin’ it but japanese with cameras do really tend to ruin it . .

Adult Poem:Clop.Clop.Clop. Adult content

clop clop clop . sex upon the foreshore in a sand dune nice and deep seemed safe until horse-riders passed and got a lofty peep . .

Adult Poem. It’s Like Starvation. Adult Content.

it’s like starvation. . i want to hold you tightly nightly make a burrow in the bed hold you close to give you head but all I ever get to do is pine for you . .

Adult Poem; You’re So Hot.

You’re So Hot. . Have I told you lately That I want you, Have I told you lately That you’re hot, Have I told you lately I can’t wait to get you naked, ‘Cos if I haven’t, Then I really should be shot. . .

Poem: Secret Life. (Adult Content.)

Secret Life. . He’s just a man I see at work, He says “Hello” And passes by. I smile to think We meet in dreams And fuck so hard It makes me cry. . .

Adult Poem: In Your Dreams Sunshine,

In Your Dreams Sunshine. . Did you miss me lots. No way Jose. Did you cry at night. As if I might. Did you miss my touch. Not very much. I could make you come. Go and bite your bum. . .

Adult Poem. Roxanne.

Roxanne. . Roxanne, the lady at the net, whose tight elastic bites, in purple rings. She has not been civilised. I saw her balling the backhand return from some fucking Spaniard. So help me God. . .