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It’s Not Easy Putting A Rubber On.

Hi, . . As it is summer….almost….it is time that we enjoyed a crickety post. And a funny one, because I know bugger-all about cricket. . There have actually been some really funny bits of commentary during matches. . The latest one was heard during a BBC Test Match Special at Lords. Jonathan Agnew managed […]

Accept No Limits.

Hello people of all ages, . I had a birthday recently and had to face the unwelcome thought that I am getting to be significantly aged. . That brings with it many stereotypes which are held by other people. It covers stuff like expecting to see excessively wrinkled decrepit looking people, who cannot function without […]

ASBO’s And Bodhi.

Hey, . Time for some fun once more. . I shall start this post by telling you about again, But this time for dogs. . It seems that a canine dweller in Brighton is in trouble with the law….and could end up with an ! . He goes by the moniker of Bodhi and he […]

Yves Rossy. To Infinity And Beyond. The Real Buzz Lightyear.

Hi, . Something to take your breath away. . This post concerns an innovative Swiss aviator, and former army pilot, named Yves Rossy. . The daring has long had a wish to fly over the grand Canyon in the USA. Not so hard to do you might well say, but this man wanted to do […]

Death Wish.

Hi, . Recently I have been reading reports about the way that people are thoughtlessly risking their lives on rail crossings, as if trains are harmless things. . It is hard to understand how people can forget the terrible danger that they put themselves in the way of. Not to mention the lasting problems that […]

Naked Streaker Hits A Glass Wall.

Happy Monday, . . I hope it is going well for you….and that none of you are pointlessly banging your heads against glass ceilings in your drive for advancement. . However it could be worse and far more painful, especially if you are called Tom Annandale. . Here we have an amusing video of that […]

The Human Spider.

Hey, . More fascinating stuff for you today if you enjoy watching extreme . . Have you heard of Alain Robert….an most unusual Frenchman. . Alain is now very famous because he has climbed….and conquered…. 80 of the world’s highest buildings. And, believe it or not, he does these scary climbs without using any equipment […]

Catfish Noodling. Extreme Sport.

Hey, . Good morning to you, from a place where it is bloody freezing and we have frost coating everything this morning, Oh dear, I do not like the look of this at all. This is not very tropical!!! . So, let’s take our minds off it all. Here is another for you, although this […]

How To Handle Balls.

Hello, . Basically this post is a basic follow-on from my ” post. . This video is of an 11 year old boy in America who is displaying an unbelievable talent for  for basketball. . He trains for four hours every night after school, from 4 to 8, to keep improving. His father swears that […]

This Act Is Not Possible.

. Just a quick one…. Here I was thinking that I was really achieving something because I am persuading myself to do my Yoga everyday. I mean, how fit must I be getting now. . OMG, I have just realised what fit is after watching this incredible feat on the America’s Got Talent show. Although […]