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Joe Louis: American Legend.

Hi, . Today I am remembering the amazing Joe Louis. Some people are born to do one thing with true genius, some to be , philosophers or and some to be . There must be some people born to be the most amazing and ever, but they may be born where they never ever see […]

Extreme Close Encounter.

Hi Peeps, . Are you scared of sharks. Daft question really….who isn’t! . I have been watching a BBC programme about these beautiful and terrifying creatures, and another beautiful but terrified creature. . The latter is a free-dive champion called Tanya Streeter. . Although she is a wonderful diver she worries about one particular problem […]

O.M.G. Extreme Sport.

Hi Peeps, . This is another of my quick ones about . . I don’t know why I watched this one because it made me feel quite upset. . . As you know, I am a great fan of paddling at the edge of a placid sea….but this….this is unbelievable. It is hard to believe […]

Humans CAN Fly.

Hi, . As you all know by now, I am a complete cissy. . of doing something more dangerous than drinking too much, makes me break out in a big sweat. But I am totally fascinated by those who seem to have a need to confront danger in a full-on way. . I have already […]

The Iceman.

Hi Folks, . How the hell are you. Be cheered my darlings, it’s nearly the weekend. . After doing I was reminded of a guy called Wim Hof. This guy is totally incredible and is somehow able to resist levels of extreme cold. . This Guinness Book Of Records world record holder has carried out […]

Adrenaline Junkies.

Hey, . Well, this is another damp, grey, warm day that I have got myself into….again! . This is definitely like living in a humid jungle, all the more so because Big H and I are totally covered in fly bites, and my goodness do they itch….and itch….and itch. This weather must have allowed millions […]

Halfway Through The World Cup Now.

Hello, . Busy watching the World Cup Final with Big H. Some of the tackles that are going in…Oh dear, Oh dear! . Holland were unnecessarily brutal in some of their tackles…extremely physically intimidating. . I have a bet on with Big H. I have £5 on Spain and he obviously has the same on […]

Walking On Water. Liquid Mountaineering.

Hey, . How was your weekend? Mine was good but extremely quiet as Big H had tired himself out taking me to various places last week. I hope that yours was a fine one in every way. . As usual we got the paper on Sunday and proceeded to do our obligatory few hours of […]

Hooks And Lines….And The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Hi Peeps, . Once again I greet you at the dawn of yet another fine day. This one is not the tropical extravaganza that yesterday was, but it is still beautiful in a much quieter way. . The sky is a luminous silver and there is a fogginess to everything. All of the edges are […]

Poem: Catman. With ‘Free-Solo Climbing’ Video.

Catman. . Birds perch upon high buildings so Their feline foes can’t get ’em. Free solo climbing cats have found That they can always net’em. . . Here is an example of free soloing! Chris Sharma. . . .