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The Great Game

What Would YOU Choose To Do.

Hello, hello, . What a fabulous sunny day it is.  Wonderful! It is a shame that I will have to spend a large part of it re-glossing the paintwork in Mr T’s old bedroom I don’t really mind though, because it will look so much better when it is finally done. . Do you ever […]

X Factor 4

Hi Folks, . I have just had my weekly dose of X Factor. . What is it with this new series!  I am finding that it is not quite so compelling at the moment. Perhaps the idea of holding the auditions in a big theatre, with the audience of 2000, has somehow changed the dynamics […]

X Factor 3

Hey fellow fans, . As you know, I am of X factor. . Well, I don’t know what you thought of tonight’s show, but I thought that it was pretty rubbishy. . As you also know, I do not particularly like , but if that is your particular preference then I expect that you might […]

X Factor.

Hello. hello. hello. . . I am happy to say that I now have a reason to live for the next few months. . X FACTOR IS BACK!!!!!!!! It began tonight, and I have had my first addictive fix of Simon and his cohorts, along with the fun of those first few hapless people whose […]

Taste is a personal thingy.

Hey Peeps’ . Has anybody else noticed that Richard Hammond, of Top Gear, is getting prettier all the time? . I always said that I would never go out with any guy who was prettier than me. Well, it would only get worse as time goes on. . The answer to the Great Game Question […]

The Great Game , The Second Question.

Hi, . I have devised a second part to ‘ . Second Question…….Ah yes….BUT….would you still give him one if he was wearing a pair of old, baggy,  purple bri-nylon Y fronts  The ones with those nasty looking whitey/grey borders and lots of hard little pills on them ? . Now THIS seems to be […]

As Gloria says,”I, I will survive”.

Hello my dear Peeps, . . Well, in the words of that famous 20th century philosopher Oscar Hammerstein. . Oh what a beautiful morning , Oh what a beautiful day I got a wonderful feeling Everything’s going my way! . It is an amazing day today with a tropical blue sky stretching from side to […]


Oh yes, I forgot to mention something. Did you see the photo of Bono on page 17 of the Sunday Times Magazine.  He looks just like Peter Andre. Strange. GGQ..the answer is Yes, I think he is a superlative artist.

Today it really is Monday.

Good morning to you, . I hope that you have had a really good weekend and that you are feeling great today. I am. . Last night I did not sleep so well so I ended up arising at about 4.30 am. When I got downstairs I started my usual routine, by gathering up all […]

Would you give him one? The Great Game.

Hi again, . I have just realised that there is no sound of traffic outside, so that must mean that I have got the day wrong again and it must be Sunday. I will go and check. Yes, all the shops are shut and I found Friday’s paper. My husband buys The Times every day […]