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Proactiv At Boots! Clear Up Your Spots And Pimples For £39.99?

Hello, . Although your reputation may be spotless …. are you? . Boots have done it again. I think that they will have  on their stores in the UK tomorrow (Feb. 15th)! . The stores are launching a new product which is already used by millions world-wide, and by celebrities in particular. Katie Parry is […]

Cassandra: Make-up Masterclass: How To Conceal Acne.

Hi, . It is sad to think how many people have acne. Sometimes they feel so bad that they are unwilling to leave the house….and are often coping with feelings of having no confidence at all. . People like 19 year old Cassandra Bankson, who lives in California. This young lady has severe acne, but […]

Black Friday Again.

Hey, . Just a quick one for you all, as a bit of a Christmas reminder. . Did you notice that Amazon have their on again this year. . I don’t have enough patience myself, but a lot of people seem to find bargains. . I suppose that it is a very good idea….as long […]

Katie: Three Years On.

Hi, . How are you today? I hope that everything is progressing well, with all of you out there in your various lives. . It can be so easy to complain sometimes, when things do not proceed according to plan, or we cannot have everything that we want. But sometimes, some things work to put […]

Ooooh, This Water Is Just Right.

What a good morning. . Things have changed here at last and we are all walking about casting a long shadow. Just like ‘High Noon’ but without the guns and cowboy hats or the wagons and Gary Cooper, or even the services of a ! . I think that we shall enjoy our perambulations today, […]

Youth Is Wasted On The Young ‘Cos They Don’t Yet Know The Horrible Alternative To It!

Hi Folks, . Good morning to you. . This unusual weather is continuing apace. . Yesterday it rained all morning, but at lunchtime everything cleared up and we decided it was an unmissable chance to get the top down and go out to get some very necessary shopping, if we wanted to continue to eat […]

Paul Gutierrez Is Desperate To Find Himself A Bride!

Hi, . Tuesday greetings to you….I hope that your week is going well for you….and that your love-life is totally satisfactory. . However, for some of us, true love can be an elusive thing. Paul Gutierrez is a prime example. . This 38 year old from Elgin, , has apparently never even had one girlfriend […]

Nip+Fab Frown Fix. Instant Facial Line Filler Sold Out On First Day.

Hello Peeps, . If you are worried about fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Then this post is for you. . A miracle for £10.25. . Lots of people believe that the hype is totally true this time. . This is a product which went on sale in the UK last week, but it […]

If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Hat!

Hi, . So it’s for me today. Bah! . There was amazing weather change here on Sunday. First there was absolutely torrential rain for ages, followed by terrific thunder, with brooding dark skies that seemed to be so low that you could have stretched your hand up and touched them. I was thankful for it […]

BAH! Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate.

Hello; . If you are a , then this is something just for you. A temptation created especially with you in mind. . Now you can not just eat your , you can pamper yourself with a new range of chocolate bath products which is to be launched mid-year. . Cadburys, which I believe is […]