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The Wedding Day Perfume Worn By Kate Was White Gardenia Petals By Illuminum.

Good Morning to you, . Today I am writing to you from a normal sort of British day. I awoke to a sky in many shades of grey clouds and some light rain. Obviously it is what we need, given the unfeasibly tropical weather we have been enjoying for so many weeks, but it was […]

Big Day.

Hey, . So we are here yet again. Enjoying a day off from the real world. . Faced by a new Monday, as yet untouched by human hands. where no Trekkie has gone before, just like the star ship Enterprise. . Of course, there is no viable alternative, is there! . So, what shall you […]

If You Go Down In The Woods Today, Be Sure Of A Big Surprise.

Hey, . Did you know that it was ‘Tick Bite Prevention Week’ last week? Do even the targeted ticks know that? I very much doubt that the fact has really impinged on them yet. . However all joking aside, they are becoming a serious problem. . They first came to my notice years ago when […]

Keep Your Hair On.

Hello, . So here we all are at the start of the weekend. I don’t know what mine will hold but we have woken to blue sky and white puffed clouds, so that is a more promising beginning than has been usual this week. . Last night we chilled out with movies, and big bowls […]

Claire Blogs About Deciding to Remove Her Breasts.

Hi Peeps, . It does not matter what day it is or what rubbish weather I am experiencing today, because my worries are small ones. It certainly brings that fact home when you read about someone who is facing real life or death decisions through the vagaries of fate. . Today  I,wanted to tell you […]

Cheryl Cole’s Beauty Secrets Are E45 Cream And Vaseline Stick.

Hi, . Do you admire the good looks of the beautiful Geordie celebrity ? . Do you despair of ever being able to afford the kind of daily beauty regime that she must have. . Do not despair, because you are in for a lovely, , surprise today. . According to recent reports, the lovely […]

Say ‘No’ To Sagging Jowls.

Hi, . It’s another cold and grey day here again…surprise surprise. Hopefully some of you are lounging about in warming sunshine admiring cloudless blue skies and smelling blooming flowers….it’s filthy work but someone has to do it. . I should be this morning before writing my blog, but I am still very stiff today and […]

Black Friday Bonanza.

Hi, . So today is the start of a Black Friday shopping bonanza at Amazon.co.uk. It begins today and continues up until next Friday…or should I say Black Friday. . According to the Amazon site, this week of reductions includes up to 60 or 70% off lots of fabulous items which would be wonderful for […]

Lonely? Try The Ugly Bug Ball.

Hi, . Life is not always a fair thing, and many people feel that they are at a disadvantage because they are not beautiful. Therefore, while the most beautiful can have almost anyone they desire, those who are plain feel that they can only have a narrow choice of partners, who are so much harder […]

Sex And Sexual Desire.

Hey, . Today I thought that we should liven up our Wednesday with . Well, not literally in my case because we are spending our day having hospital tests, but I cannot speak for all of ! . In Detroit, Dr Michael Diamond and his team at Wayne State University have been doing research into […]