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Toilet Rolls Are The New Newspaper.

Hello, . So it is Wednesday, or as some of you Canadians out there would say, it’s . . When I awoke this morning, I found myself to be unwilling to actually leave my deliciously warm bed, although I was not sleepy at all. It is most definitely Winter again, and the older I get, […]

Biba Is Born Again.

Good Morning Peeps, . , Friday, . It does not get much better than that! . Yesterday turned out to be an excellent day for me because it became stunningly hot and sunny here. So good in fact, that we were motivated to get in the car, put the top down and go for a […]

Seduction At Topshop.

Hi, . Yesterday it was so hot and blue that Big H and I decided to forgo the last bonfire and go for a run-out with the top down while we still had the chance. As we needed to pop into anyway, it meant that we could do both things. . After we had concluded […]

Try Anti-Ageing. The Way Rich People Do It.

Hi, . Here we are again waking up to a heavy grey rainy day….but this one is a bit windy too, just for a change. Never mind though, it is a Friday, so the seductively. . One thing about British weather though, it is supposed to be good for our skins with all of the […]

Fabulous Shoes To Die For.

Hi, . Hoping that I find you well and happy today, and pleased with your lot. . I have just spent a wonderful few hours lost in the world of pretty shoes. . This came about because I decided that, when I go to the Costume Ball that I was , I should really try […]

Find Out Your Cut-Off Date For Being Fertile.

Hi, . There has been a really useful development for women who want to delay their family until near the end of their fertile period. This has always been the problem for career women who want a later family. . Although for most people the menopause comes in around the age of 50, there are […]

Another Little Black Dress.

Hey, . I am up early today because I awoke during a bad dream and now I cannot get back to sleep, or perhaps I am just unwilling to risk picking up the dream where I left off. Better safe than sorry in this instance I expect, and I am not a very enthusiastic sleeper […]

Gladrags, David Beckham And Pub ASBOs In 1904 Birmingham.

Hello, Hello, . Greetings to you upon this very excellent day. I am in a wonderful mood today. Why, you may ask, always supposing that you have nothing better to do than indulge me! . Well, with regard to my somewhat desperate post , when I was faced with the seemingly impossible task of finding […]

I Will And Then Some!

Hi, . Good day to you. Hoping that your Sunday is progressing nicely for you. If not, there is always tomorrow, although, on the down side, that will probably be a . I like a . It is a and for me it usually seems to begin in the same way. . Although I am […]

Maggie’s Story. The Worst Kind Of Fluffy Romantic Fiction….And Why Not!

. . Maggie thought that her marriage was over. . She stared deeply into her cup of coffee as she sat at the kitchen table. Her thoughts were chaotic, darting from one thing to another, the whole morning coloured by a dull throbbing pain behind her eyes. What on earth was the point of it […]