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11-Year Itch.

Hey, . Are you well? And Happy? I very much hope that you are. . I feel a lot better now. I can breathe properly and I feel almost normal, just very tired. Hopefully Big H has not caught ‘flu from me so that is very encouraging because when his he catches everything that is […]

Sex Addicts.

Hey. . What is a sex addict! . What does that bring to mind. . I mean, are men expecting to be taken seriously when they say things like…. “I didn’t mean to play away but I just couldn’t help myself…or “It happened so suddenly I just could not stop it” . I mean, can […]

Christmas Is Coming.

Season’s Greetings, . Have you bought any Christmas presents yet? I haven’t, even though, after last Christmas, I swore that I would. It would surely have felt very smug to watch everyone else worrying, and scattering around in the last minute crowds, while I had everything beautifully wrapped and tagged by Easter, and waiting on […]

A Real Penny Dreadful.

. . Dandruff, it was having such awful dandruff that let him down. Everything was going well right up to that last moment. . There we were, snuggled together on the front seat of his car and he was kissing me. . Oh God, What a marvellous kisser he was. Tongue halfway down my throat, […]

Makeup. A Really Girly Experience.

Good morning to you. . And it really has been a good morning so far. . Today, I have just had one of the best, most girly experiences ever. . It all began yesterday, when Big H and I went to town to look at the prices of new fridges, in order to  replace the […]

Death To Chocolate Fish.

Good Morning Peeps, . Last night I went to bed early, to read a book, because Big H was playing one of his computer games. He has a big pile of them, all with different titles, but they all appear to be exactly the same game as far as I can see. . It was […]

Natural Selection.( Big H sneaked up on me.)

Hey, . Why do fools fall in love? . What do you think causes people to fall in love. Is it the chemistry,  is it just fated to be, is it the pheromones, is it some unexplainable thing that grows in intensity in direct correlation to the size of the wallet, is it finding the […]

It was the Guylian Chocolates wot done me in.

Hi, . I thought that I would just give you a quick update about the progress my friend is making with her new You will recall that this is reputed to help a person lose up to one stone in a month. . Well, I am afraid that it is not very good news so  […]


Hello Women, . Moonbathing! Do you do it? Why not? . I am a great believer in moonbathing.  For many reasons. . There is a primitive, intensely female feeling, especially when you do this in the nude. Life works in cycles and I believe that women are in tune with the moon’s cycles.  Each month […]

Beware.Down this path lie incontinence pants.

Hi, . Beware of all sales. . I recently found myself looking at an add for digital hearing aids, and doggedly reading every tempting, persuasive word of it, right through to the last bloody full stop. Well, they are such highly expensive items to buy, so this was an excellent offer, a real money saver. […]