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Big H

Poem: Adrift

Adrift.   Taking down the yellow brocade box From the top of the wardrobe And going through the memories Of married years . .  

Logging Off.

  My beloved Big H died on Saturday April 28th 2012. . . Missing You. . How strange to know I shall not see you again Except in my memories, Where we shall still walk And talk together As we always did. …..jaksie. . .        

Wot….no rain!!!

Hello, . Up early once more here ‘. I don’t know why, but it may be the total absence of drumming rain. . Yes, I kid you not, all is drier and a lot more silent today, but it is still a very dark morning with very heavy cloud….which promises that this seeming end to […]

So It Is Actually True Then!

Hi, . So here I am, writing to you once more to the rapid accompaniment of heavy rainfall, like an encouraging counterpoint to my tapping out my daily post. . I am actually getting quite used to the continuous rain now, after all it is only 28 days since St Swithin’s day….so there may well […]

Sometimes You Just Know That They Are Wrong!

Hello, . I wish you a fine day. It is still unfeasibly warm up here ….and with heavily clouded skies. Yesterday we cunningly went for a long walk in the countryside, before the torrential but warm rain began, with Big H sweating as if it was going out-of-fashion. . That sounds yukky of course, but […]

What Shall I Imagine Today then.

G’day, . I though that I should begin today’s missive with an once again. . It seems a good idea as we are in the middle of a very muggy period. The sun is not necessarily shining down upon us, but it is incredibly hot and stifling under a hazy grey sky. . Yesterday we […]

A Frog Of Your Own.

Hello, Hello, . Good morning once more from the damp depths of England’s more northern parts. . I risk being unusually repetitious this Wednesday morning when I tell you once again that it is raining….with knobs on! Unfortunately everyone is beginning to look our more usual pale-green again, as those lovely slight tans we obtained […]

Two Steps Forward, One Step back!

Hi peeps, . So it is , and a Sunday, and a very fine one it is too. . I was up early this morning, to be greeted by hot sunshine and wall to wall blue skies. The weather has been a bit iffy lately, and not at all the amazing heatwave which was forecast […]

What A Scary Start to The Day.

Hi, . What a bloody day! . Big H had to be rushed to hospital by emergency ambulance early this morning because he was very ill. . The day was spent with examinations, questions, X-Rays and tests. Everyone concerned could not have been kinder, or more caring and sympathetic, to us all. . He is […]

Tell Me Wishing Well, Will My Dreams Come True!

Hello, Hello, . Wednesday dawns, with warmth and light grey skies, accompanied by the happy tapping of house elves working industriously on our own little gingerbread cottage, the rhythmic chanting of ‘High-ho, high-ho, it’s off to work we go’ in a fine tenor counterpoint!   . I am bending before a bright , held up […]