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Big H

Mr Fartypants.

Hey Peeps, . They talk about neccessity being the mother of invention don’t they. Well, that has just happened to me….with knobs on it. . Big H is being so horribly stinky today that I cannot bear it. Whatever it is that I have been feeding him, it has to stop, because I am beginning […]

Mud Sucks.

Hello, . The weekend starts here. . I woke up later than usual this morning, due to having a bit of a last night. First of all I  enjoyed the pleasure of Big H feeling so well that he made me a lovely meal of pasta with pesto, accompanied by  red salmon (tinned). . He […]

All The World’s A Stage.

Hey, . Well here I am again and history is once more. . Having gone to bed at 2.00am, I again managed to be totally awake again just before 4am. . I would much rather be in bed where it is warm but I would eventually get restless and that would disturb Big H, who […]

Morning Call.

Hi, . Here I am, up again . Normally, when it is so totally I try to stay in bed a bit longer if I can, but I had no chance this morning. The birds decided to make such an amazing cacophony of sound, for so long, that I was amazed by it. It sounded […]

From Big H To Russell Watson.

Good Morning, . I hope that you have just enjoyed a good, if not spectacular weekend off work. . As is usual theses days, we have had a very quiet one here, with two small walks, which made a pleasant change. One of the walks took place on Saturday night at about 1am, when everything […]

I Get Some Stupid Ideas At Times!

Hi, . Greetings to you upon this pleasant Friday. Today we have warmth, thick clouds and drizzle….quite nice actually! . Not a lot is happening here at the moment as Big H is feeling a bit weird and weary. The hospital has been in contact today to say that the last blood tests show very […]

Up And At ‘Em.

Hi, . I am a bit late doing a post today because it was a hospital day for us. It was a case of getting up and dashing about madly before hurriedly leaving, cups of tea still on the table only half drunk. . On the plus side it has been yet another beautiful sunny […]

Now I Know How To Give Injections!

Hi, . What a beautiful day it was yesterday….and it never stopped! After the hospital stuff we went down to Tynemouth and had a superb walk on a freshly washed beach, followed by a stroll on the prom, followed in turn by wonderful fish and chips. . Having said that, I found that I have […]

One More Step On The Road.

Hey, . Good Morning to you. It is beautiful here today again, a lovely blue beginning to what I hope will be a wonderful weekend. The birds have been happily enjoying bread, along with a packet of ready prepared Yorkshire Puddings that I was foolish enough to take out of the frrrreezer ( that was […]

Tuesday’s Child.

Hey, . Up once more to connect with you in the earlier hours. . I went to bed a bit early last night so that I could read my book in a bit of peace and quiet as Big H was watching a weird film called ‘The Dancer Upstairs’, I think. He was interested to […]