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Big H

Mind Control Is Sneaking Up On Us.

G’Day, Just adding an Australian twist to the day again….perhaps it will encourage some sunshine. We are grey and cold again here at the moment, but a little watery sunshine is peeping through every now and again, so I am hopeful. . Big H is doing well at the moment. On the last hospital trip […]

Hospital Duties Today.

Hi, , Greetings from a very sunny and beautiful part of northern England. WOW, now this is what I call a morning! . The birds have already been served a large amount of chopped up pasta with pesto and the remaining slice of toast and Marmite from breakfast….so they are well pleased too. . I […]

It Is Beautiful Today.

Greetings Peeps, . My Oh My, what an outstandingly beautiful day this is. Blue and amazingly warm and sunny with a faint tracing of mackerel cloud in the sky. . I look out of the window to see people in less clothing than usual, smiling and happy, going for their morning papers or walking their […]

The Start Of The New Regime.

Hi, . Hope that I find you chipper today and that your life is going well for you. It is a much duller morning here, with the familiar low and misty grey sky and lots of drizzle, but still warmer. . I have been out to feed the birds already with lots of the birdseed. […]

Busy Day Today.

Hi, . This is a very late post because we have spent the day in the hospital. We got there at ten and finally left at five. . It has been an exhausting day and very emotional for us too. I was a bit worried about Big H getting so tired because he started going […]

An Opportune Visit From A Friend.

Hi, . How are you today. Feeling hungover and dreadful from your Saturday night shenanigans! . Serves you right! . I am feeling fine. Especially when I was greeted this morning with another fine blue day with copious sunshine. How good is that! My are all survivors of the previous terrible weather, with their healthy […]

Finally An Answer To The Question.

Hi, . How do I find you this evening! Hopefully all is going very well for you. . This is a very late post today because Big H and I have been at the hospital. We finally had the appointment to find out the results of all the tests that they did l we were […]

A Definate Air Of Anticipation.

Good day to you, . I hope that I find you safe, healthy, in balance….and happy! . Here at home there is a definite frisson of excitement and anticipation. . Big H finally went off to hospital to see the tropical diseases expert, in order to try and work out what on earth is wrong […]

What Would Big H Like For Breakfast?

Hello Again, . So, once more, I sit here in the early hours of the morning, blogging, instead of getting a good night’s sleep. . It is not my fault this time though….it is Big H’s. . This is because he is so security conscious. . He likes to have the house properly locked up […]

It’s A Quiet Day And It’s Raining Again.

Hi, . No sign at all of the today, but I put out some chocolate digestives and some chocolate chip cookies anyway, because it made me feel better. . The past couple of days have been quiet, because Big H has been feeling exhausted once more, thus requiring him to retire to his bed yet […]