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Big H

Call Of Duty…

Hey, . Tuesday again, I think! . It is hard to keep track at the moment because of all the upheaval. . Last night Big H rang the friend that he goes to play his computer games with one night a week, and asked him to come over and help him put up his new […]

I Might Swap Our Cow.

Greetings to you all, . Things are picking up here. Not only was I greeted by a most beautiful morning…although very cold….but Big H is up and about again, and looking pink instead of a horrible grey colour. So we are not in for at least a few weeks of him being an old-commie-pinko-sicko. No […]

A Deadly Cup Of Tea.

Hi, . Today I am In Pain. Big Pain. . I had just logged on to write this blog, and Big H walked in and put down a cup of tea for me. Without thinking, I picked it up, and took a big swig. Suddenly, my mouth is filled with totally boiling water, and Pain […]

A Good Result.

Hi, . I was so upset by the this morning that I quite forgot to tell you the good…very good…news about Big H. . You may remember the first blog, where I told you all about his , and then the following one about to solving his problem once and for all. . Well, he […]

The Party’s Over.

Greetings to you, . The party’s over, so to speak, and the Bank Holiday has been and gone. But excellent anyway. I hope that you managed to have a wonderful break, even if you spent a large part of it hiding from the rain, just like us. . We did manage to have one nice […]

Electrocution Is Against My Human Rights.

Hello, . My god, I am going blog mad today. But I find that it occupies me whilst Big H is doing one of his interminable Sudoku puzzles. It used to just be a Monday to Friday thingy in The Times, but now he has bought himself some Sudoku books, which have given him access […]

Mr. T Can SEE!

Hello to you. . I have some excellent and wonderful news to share with you all. . It has to do with eyes, and it happened this way. . My eldest son was unfortunate enough to inherit his eyesight from me, and not from his father. . At an early age he began to become […]

Death To Chocolate Fish.

Good Morning Peeps, . Last night I went to bed early, to read a book, because Big H was playing one of his computer games. He has a big pile of them, all with different titles, but they all appear to be exactly the same game as far as I can see. . It was […]

Sod the Zimmer frame.

Good Morning to you, . This is an unusually leisurely morning for me. Over the last two weeks we have had the plasterers in to replaster two bedrooms, and it is not a relaxing process. Usually I get up hours before Big H, feed the birds, have my breakfast, then sit around in my dressing […]

Not funny at the time.

Hi, . Today has been a busy one. We  have started decorating the living room.  We are painting everything white in order to get a uniform background, and tomorrow or the next day, we will use our new Dulux Paint Pod. One of the boys has already bought one, and amazingly, it does do exactly […]