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Big H

No, I don’t want to look at your beer mat collection!

Hey, . Today Big H has been examining, and looking after, all of his fishing rods, waders, flies and whatever. It is a good time to avoid him, as I have no desire to be told yet again about the construction of rods and of his new preference for cane rods, as opposed to his […]

Friday Night Fever.

A damp “Hello” to you all, . Oh dear me, I shall not be going to the ball after all. . There I was, with my vertiginous leopard skin platforms and my satin trousers all dusted off, totally ready to party, but bad weather has cancelled play. . My  ‘  concert is now CANCELLED!!!! It […]


Hi to you, . Soon I will be going with a friend band and we are really looking forward to it. We were talking about what to wear and decided it would be fun to dress the way we did back in the ’70’s.   The only good thing about becoming so much older is […]

Nasty little swine

Hello, . Today has been fine until 20 minutes ago when I decided to log on and do some of my next post. I started immediately, and was forging ahead smoothly, until I glanced up and stopped in total bewilderment. All there was  on the page was a few lines of total nonsense because most […]

Calm after the storm

Hi again Peeps, It is now Thursday and all is well. My long awaited breakfast did not escape from me this time. . Big H calmly sat me down last night and explained a few things about using the computer, once I had finished having I find this a very long winded and awkward way […]

Fly away Peter

Greetings on this lovely morning. . I say lovely morning, but this is not my usual paean to wall to wall blue skies. . Today we actually have that amazing, damp, green, freshly washed look you see when heavy rain has just stopped . I really do love it when the bricks of the patio […]

Let’s talk about parasites.

Hi Peeps, I have just had the hottest night.  In the weather sense not the biblical. I eventually got up early because Big H was giving off heat like a furnace.  It reminded me of living in the Middle East. It used to be so hot and humid when we lived out there, that my […]

I Hate Crusts.

Greetings – And so the weekend beckons. I hope that you have something good in store . . At the moment I do not have anything special planned because Big H’s energy levels fluctuate a lot. Proven by the fact that I in the living room and black of the walls and ceiling. . I […]

Would you give him one? The Great Game.

Hi again, . I have just realised that there is no sound of traffic outside, so that must mean that I have got the day wrong again and it must be Sunday. I will go and check. Yes, all the shops are shut and I found Friday’s paper. My husband buys The Times every day […]

When will it ever end.

Hi, . Today has been a dusty day here in my house, because my husband has been perched digging out huge holes in the chimney breast, so that he can install a big, ‘fuck off, wall mounted television. . Oh my, if only he got on with the backlog of jobs waiting to be done […]