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A Whole New Thing.

. Hello Dear Peeps, . . Well, what do you think of my new website.  ISN’T IT GREAT! . Recently, I sent my son a hopeful e- mail, to ask if it would be possible for some kind of index to be added to my blog site, so that it was not such a long […]

Sondar The Treen.

Hey. . When I was a child we had a tortoise.  He was called Sondar The Treen. This name was lifted from one of my brother’s Dan Dare comics. Sondar was a little alien who used to fly about while sitting on a saucer.  He resembled our tortoise because he had a similar hard chin […]

Looking through the eyes of love.

Hey, . We still have amazing monsoon weather here at the moment.  Everything is looking so very, very green this year. I remember when we got back from living in the Middle East it was a shock to see somewhere that was so extremely green again.Walking once more in our lush Public Parks  and feeding […]


Good morning to you all, . Last night I slept really deeply. I went to bed at 12.30am and slept straight through to 9.45. This is very unusual  for me to sleep so late for no reason . I did have a strange dream though. I dreamt I was walking down a street and passed […]


Good day to you, . This morning I was thinking about my brother, because it is about time I went to see him, and I remembered something from way back when we were small children. . He had fallen over and hurt his knee, some time before it was noticed that he had red lines […]

Strange Fruit.

Hi, . This morning I woke unfeasibly early again, but I was snug, and it was quite enjoyable to simply lie there next to a quietly sleeping Big H , just letting my mind drift past all sorts of disconnected memories and thoughts. . I remembered my father and various conversations that we had when […]


Hi Darlings, . ‘ Not so sunny today, and I hear that the weather will worsen soon.  BOOOOOOOOO. . I arose a little later this morning, and did all the usual things, except for having Marmite on toast for breakfast. Very nice, but I do not feel an obsession coming on. . Then I made […]

That’s Entertainment.

Hello darlings, . Did you read about the  City of London Festival Street Pianos ? What an excellent idea. It seems that for about three weeks there will be 30 pianos placed in different locations around London and they will hopefully stimulate passing pedestrians to have a tinkle on the ivories. What an amazing idea. […]

Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Darlings, . What a beautiful Monday morning it is today after fierce rain for most of the weekend. I love it when the sky is blue and gleaming from one side to the other. . When I went down to the living room and faced yesterday’s devastation, I was suddenly brought back to […]


Hi, . Yesterday I went to town for my yearly eye test, which is now free because I am over 60. . Last year the Optician used some kind of new camera that takes a photograph of the insides of your eyes, in order to check for all kinds of disease and degeneration. . You […]