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Congratulations To Nick Vujicic And His Bride!

Hey, . It is wonderful to hear that Nick Vujicic got married in California on 10th February this year. His bride is the very beautiful Kanae Miyahara. . They honeymooned in Hawaii, and will live together in California. . You may remember my , who suffers from Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, and who has no arms or […]

‘Full Service’. Secret Hollywood Sex Lives.

Hi, . I don’t know what style of book you enjoy reading but most of us like the odd bit of insider knowledge about the sex lives of the stars. Especially those incredible idols of the 1940’s, where all of their secrets were assiduously protected by the Hollywood publicity machine. Stars like Cary Grant and […]

Acid Attack Victim Has Her Sight Restored.

Hi, . Just a bit more about the arduous journey of healing which brave Katie Piper is undergoing since being the unfortunate victim of an awful . . She is now 29 and has many sessions of facial reconstruction and other procedures to get through. But things have been gradually improving and she is looking […]


Hi, . As you know, I do like to bring you different sorts of things, but there is really not much that is truly new in this world of ours. . Some time ago I showed you the woman who has  to be incredibly tiny. . Now there is great interest in another woman who […]

Etta James Is Gone.

Hi, . As you probably know, the wonderful and unique Etta James has died. . Her funeral was held in Inglewood Cemetery in California, and was well attended by the great and good of the music world. . She died on 20th January, after problems with Leukemia and dementia. She was 73 years of age. […]

Jacob Riis. Iconic And Life-Changing Work.

Hi, . Some people can make such a difference by how they choose to live their lives. One such person was Jacob A. Riis. . Jacob Riis was originally Danish, although he later emigrated to America where he eventually became a police reporter. He used the new of medium flash photography to make late-night visits […]

Tom Waits Rocks.

Hi, . I felt in a strange mood recently….and went back to an old favourite of mine. There is really no-one else quite like him at all. . So, shall we start with a Christmas card that someone received! . Tom singing…. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis. . . I Hope I Don’t […]

A Little Sly Training.

Hi, . How is life treating you then. . Were you looking forward to Christmas, or were you worrying about all of those extra pounds that you would gain before the festivities are over with. . And have you! Is losing it your New Year Resolution! . Well, you know, your fate and your physique […]


Good Morning, . Not long until Christmas now. . So, how are you doing with the small gifts and stocking fillers …. or the calendars! . Now, finally, there is something a bit different, being offered to those of you whose thoughts turn to forward planning. . There is a very different, if not eye […]

George Harrison Was Definately Here.

Hey, . I hope that I find you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, and that this particular Tuesday day is starting very well for you. . I am very good myself today and am really feeling glad to be alive. . Some days are just like that aren’t they ….  ones where everything is that […]