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The Man In The Real Dog Collar. And Patti Smith..

Hey, . The best of mornings to you. . It was wonderful when I got up this morning.  The bedroom was filled with light, even through the heavy bedroom curtains, just like a high summer day would be. The sky was totally blue and everything was breathtakingly glowing. Yes, okay, it did not last for […]

Jessica Alba Rules.

Hi Peeps, . Oh No….it is snowing here again. No wonder It was so freezing cold here yesterday that I could not get warm. . I do not want snow now, I want blue skies and standing outside admiring my newly emerging Hyacinths…. Stop doing it! I have had enough snow now! . . Life […]

The Lost City Of Z.

Hey, . Is it all over now? Are we finally thawed out? . Up until Saturday we still had snow lying and there was very treacherous ice underfoot but then we experienced rain for most of yesterday. This has resulted in everything being cleared away so comprehensively that the place looks normal again. . I […]

George Harrison Did It First.

Good Day, . I had a somewhat frustrating conversation over New Year. . It is amazing sometimes, how people seem to think that only the stuff that they personally experienced is true, and how totally rigid they can be about their version of the truth. . This particular conversation was about Sir Bob Geldorf and […]

Nikola Tesla. Genius.

Hi, . Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? . I hadn’t, and I was totally amazed when I discovered him. . Some people are remembered for one thing only, not for a lifetime of such creative invention. . Nikola Tesla was not only outstanding intellectually but also in his physical presence. He was a […]

I Bet Joe McElderry Likes Mondays.

Hi, . And a fine Monday to yourself! . If you are at work then I hope that your outlook is a bit more cheerful than mine, because Mondays can be bad enough, without needing help from the weather. . It is very grey here along with more of that fine rain that you think […]

Ross Kent Really Creases Me Up.

HEY, . Do you need a good laugh! There is always a need just for one more really good one isn’t there! . And here it is. My face is sore from laughing. . . For months now there have been thousands of creative people folding up pictures of the lovely Ross Kemp’s face. Honestly, […]

Awesome Salsa-dancing British Granny Wins Spanish TV Contest.

Hey, . Did you hear the one about the 75 year old Salsa-dancing granny? . Well, once upon a time, a British pensioner and her husband did what so many older people do. They retired to a place in Spain, near to Valencia. . So far so normal. . Five years ago, when Mrs. Jones […]

Keanu Reeves Is Well Fit.

Hi, . Tuesday morning dawns, and it is a goodly day. The birds are swirling like hooligans and making a terrific noise too. . I woke up early from a fine dream. It was about the lovely Keanu Reeves. Whoah! . Last night, as our new television is finally up on the wall, we decided […]

Things That come As A Shock.

Hi, . At the weekend I was reading the news story about a poor guy who found out something that must have come as a most horrible shock. . A DJ called Matthew Roberts, now 41 years of age, was adopted as a baby in 1968. . He grew up with his parents in Illinois […]