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Latest On Michael Jackson. Verdict Homicide.

Hello, . Have you heard about the latest latest development yet? . In Los Angeles, the County Coroner has ruled that  Michael Jackson’s death was homicide. . The various Doctors treating the superstar are under scrutiny, including a Doctor Murray. . I believe that Dr murray posted a video up onto u tube in order […]

Further info. Moonwalking.

Hey again, . After my I found myself to be quite intrigued.  So I decided to assuage my now rampant curiosity. . The best information I can glean about Moonwalking, and who created it, is as follows. . Some people think that Marcel Marceau created it as part of his mime performance in the 1940’s. […]


Hi to you, . Soon I will be going with a friend band and we are really looking forward to it. We were talking about what to wear and decided it would be fun to dress the way we did back in the ’70’s.   The only good thing about becoming so much older is […]

New details about Michael Jackson’s death emerging.

Good morning everyone, – I received a comment this morning from a reader also called Michael, asking if I had seen the new details emerging about Michael Jackson’s death, so I googled them. It is pretty much what I imagined .  The man was a perfectionist, and was no doubt working 100% to be beyond […]

Michael Jackson Dies.

Hi, – Isn’t it strange. I was never a fan of Michael Jackson in a big way, but I still felt a shock when I heard he had died. . Taken just as a performer the man was excellent and the first time I saw him moonwalk it looked just like magic. . R.I.P. – […]

Today it really is Monday.

Good morning to you, . I hope that you have had a really good weekend and that you are feeling great today. I am. . Last night I did not sleep so well so I ended up arising at about 4.30 am. When I got downstairs I started my usual routine, by gathering up all […]