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No Arms, No Legs, No Worries.

Hi, . We can make life so hard and blame circumstances for things that do not go well. . I mean a lot of my friends can consider their day to be ruined if they have a day. Bad hair….what about having no arms!! . The next clip is an one. The lady shown has […]

How To Make Absolutely Sure That You Get A Golden Globe.

Hi, . So hopefully your weekend is proceeding well. Mine is damp but fine thank you! . So, with reference about the planned sale of lots of personal items belonging to the superstar John Wayne, who died of stomach cancer 30+ years ago in 1972, after making 250 films. . It took place in Los […]

Scandal. Sarah Ferguson. Duchess of York

Good Morning, . Life is indeed a funny thing. . We sometimes make bad choices about the things that we choose to do in our lives, and then we must choose how to deal with of them. . Most of us get to do these things in a quiet and everyday kind of way, but […]

Katie: Three Years On.

Hi, . How are you today? I hope that everything is progressing well, with all of you out there in your various lives. . It can be so easy to complain sometimes, when things do not proceed according to plan, or we cannot have everything that we want. But sometimes, some things work to put […]

One For All Film Fans.

Hi Film Fans, . So, it is a Bank Holiday today, and I am pleased to report that I was greeted this morning by cloudy skies and sunshine!!. Wow, I had nearly forgotten what that feels like. . So, Big H and I will  most likely decide to avoid avoid any excursions on the roads, […]

Life After ‘The Bill’.

. Hi, to all you quite-possibly-grumpy Monday Peeps, . Today’s post is about a prime example of not just giving up when change comes. Sometimes, although it is unwelcome, it can allow your dreams to come true because you have nothing more to lose by trying. . It concerns an actor called Jeff Stewart, who […]

Ed Milliband Malfunction? These Strikes Are Wrong!

Hi, . Is it just me….or is Mr Milliband having a malfunction of one of his more mechanical parts. . Or is he perhaps trying to say that….These Strikes Are Wrong. . So Here We Go. . . What do you think! . Come on now, stop behaving in a reckless and provocative manner, put […]

Staggering Amy Winehouse Jeered At Belgrade Concert. Video.

Hey, . This is actually a very sad post. . Everything is now cancelled after Amy Winehouse’s Belgrade concert. . Reports say that she was slurring and stumbling about on the stage after keeping 20,000 waiting for an hour before she finally made an appearance. Basically it is reported as seeming to be a repeat […]

Furious Surgeon Orders Clegg And Cameron ‘Off His Ward’

Oh Bliss Oh Poop, . I would love to tell Clegg and Cameron, and all the , to ‘bugger off’ myself”….but someone has finally done it. . were at Guy’s Hospital to put forward their latest U-Turn on policy. . They decided to take a while they were there putting a spin on things. . […]

Lily Allen’s New Adventure.

Hi, . I was interested to find out about Lily Allen, 26, and her new venture. . First she opened a eight months ago, called it ‘Lucy In Disguise’, and now she is designing clothing to put into it. . And very nice they are too. . I was very taken with the black ‘Audrey […]