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What A Difference A Day Makes.

, . Just thinking that a little touch of Aussie charm would enliven today’s blog offering. . Oh come on, I am doing my best to give an antipodean feel to your day, without you actually having to travel there. . My Oh My, and what a wonderful day it is too. The sun is […]

Latest Bidding is up to £80,000.01p On Princess Beatrice’s Infamous Hat.

Hi Peeps, . You know the old saying ‘if you want to get ahead, ‘. . Well, now lots of people are wanting to get a hat….but only a very special one….namely the infamous creation worn by Princess Beatrice for the recent Royal Wedding. . You remember that it is now on e-bay….with the proceeds […]

The Auction For Princess Beatrice’s Hat Is Hotting Up Now.

Hello People, . Just a quickie to let you know that is going phenomenally well. . So far, the bids have reached a very respectable sum of over £20,000, and it does not finish for another three days or so. . So come on then, ‘fess up, which one of you put in the £20,200.00 […]

Buy Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Hat. NOW!

Hello Folks, . You do remember the furore which was caused by that was worn by Princess beatrice at the Royal Wedding recently. It became infamous and quickly developed a life of it’s own….and fans! . The princess has now had the most excellent idea of using all of the resulting publicity, and interest, to […]

Yves Rossy. To Infinity And Beyond. The Real Buzz Lightyear.

Hi, . Something to take your breath away. . This post concerns an innovative Swiss aviator, and former army pilot, named Yves Rossy. . The daring has long had a wish to fly over the grand Canyon in the USA. Not so hard to do you might well say, but this man wanted to do […]

If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Hat!

Hi, . So it’s for me today. Bah! . There was amazing weather change here on Sunday. First there was absolutely torrential rain for ages, followed by terrific thunder, with brooding dark skies that seemed to be so low that you could have stretched your hand up and touched them. I was thankful for it […]

The Wedding Day Perfume Worn By Kate Was White Gardenia Petals By Illuminum.

Good Morning to you, . Today I am writing to you from a normal sort of British day. I awoke to a sky in many shades of grey clouds and some light rain. Obviously it is what we need, given the unfeasibly tropical weather we have been enjoying for so many weeks, but it was […]

Slings And Arrows.

Hi Folks, . There we go, another week bites the dust Yeah Yeah! Weekend tomorrow. !!!! . This week has been altogether a mass of lows and highs here. From the heady delights of the to this recent political debacle, where the voting public has just said no to everything, leaving Clegg and Cameron shaking. […]

This Absolutely Has To Be The Last Apoplectic And Totally Hilarious Word About The Royal Wedding

Hi to you, . Now look, this has all gone far enough now. The royal wedding has totally taken over my site lately. . It has been nothing but royal wedding . Royal wedding hats that have on their own account. Royal wedding verger’s doing . Royal wedding . Royal wedding . Wedding hat . […]

Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Hat Takes On A Life Of It’s Own.

Hi, . Still fixed on the royal wedding I am afraid. . What did you think of the headgear….Princess Beatrice’s hat in particular. . . Well, it is fascinating to see that her ‘different’ hat has now taken on a life of it’s own….quite independently of her. . Princess Beatrice’s hat brings to all. . […]