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Watch Royal Wedding Highlights Again…Go On, You Know You Want To.

Hi, . This is just a quick one. . Yes, the wedding was lovely. Yes, we all enjoyed it. . So who wants to indulge themselves and have just another look. . Highlights From The Royal Wedding. . . Highlights Of The Wedding Ceremony. . . Ahhhhhhh! . . .

The Day After The Wedding And The Cartwheeling Verger.

Good Morning, . Well, Saturday is here and the madness of the last few days is over, all is back to normal again. . Now that it is not so important, the weather has changed again from yesterday’s ‘chilly and threatening-to-rain’ persona, back to blue skies and strong sunshine. Ideal sort of day for a […]

Watch Royal Wedding LIVE.

Greetings Peeps, . So here we are, the BIG DAY has finally arrived. . People of all stations in life, all over the world, will be glued to their screens to join in with the happenings as they unfold upon this special royal day. The excitement is high and people in London have been staking […]

Spoof. See Royal Wedding Video….Not!

Hello Sunday Peeps, . So let’s start the day with a laugh. . Do you want a preview of the coming Royal Wedding….well here it is….just for you! . Come on, let’s face it, it is probably more fun than the real one will be. . . . If you have been reading my blog […]

Lucky Willie Had A Big Fan There.

Hello Peeps, . As you , if you are also a Willie Nelson fan….in my case because of his amazingly harsh version of Always on My Mind*….Willie Nelson was arrested last year because of marijuana offences. , Always On My Mind*. . . He is well known for being in favour of legalising the drug. […]

Susan Boyle And Peter Kay Spoof For Comic Relief 2011

Hey People, . As you already know…everyone is in favour of red noses at the moment. . Do you remember the old hit ‘I Know Him So Well’, recorded by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson in 1985? . Well, it was a good song at the time but now it has been revisited by Susan […]

Fearne Cotton In A Swimsuit Crashes Radio1 Site.

Hello Folks, . As a result of Chris Moyles’s attempting to raise money for Comic Relief, by broadcasting for over two days without sleep, Fearne Cotton has had to strip off publicly. . Apparently she was so sure that he could not do it and raise over £2m for charity, that she said she would […]

Zombie Boy Has Made It!

Hi Peeps, . Do you remember that I did on July 26th 2010. It was about unusual people with unusual ambitions. . The first person on that post was a young man called Rick Genest…. AKA Zombie Boy. He had been fascinated by Zombies as a young boy and had found his own unique way […]

Book Of Milton’s Poetry Is Bound With The Skin Of A Murderer.

Hi, . Already ….excellent! . As you know, I am sometimes struck by happenings which are described under my section titled’ Mysteries And Wonderments’. This post is definitely one of them. . At present there is an exhibition underway at the Westcountry Study Library in Devon. This is under the heading of ‘Crime And Punishment’. […]

Cheryl Cole’s Beauty Secrets Are E45 Cream And Vaseline Stick.

Hi, . Do you admire the good looks of the beautiful Geordie celebrity ? . Do you despair of ever being able to afford the kind of daily beauty regime that she must have. . Do not despair, because you are in for a lovely, , surprise today. . According to recent reports, the lovely […]