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Mothers And Sons….And Michael Buble.

Hi, . Just to cheer you up, and give a good start to your , I am going to do this post about a young man called Sam Holyman….and his mother. . This is about a mother who wants to help her son and make him happy. . During a Michael Buble concert in Birmingham […]

Michael Jackson. Involuntary manslaughter.

Hi. . Well it has been dragging on for a long time, but eventually a decision has been reached with regard to the death of Michael Jackson. . If you remember, he died just before his planned concerts, and after his death the film footage shot during the rehearsal period was put together into a […]

James Naughtie….Was!! Jeremy Hunt Name Slip-Up On BBC Radio 4!

Hey, . Well, I don’t know if you heard James Naughtie make a mistake on the programme while talking about Jeremy Hunt. The hapless fellow managed to put a.. C.. where the.. H.. should be. He then seems to giggle, before proceeding to give the rest of the news, which is full of nervous coughing […]

Liu Bolin. The Invisible Man.

Hi, . Something very different and much more sensible for you today. . Have you seen the work by the artist Liu Bolin. He is Chinese. He is also known as the ‘invisible man’. . This is because he is a performance artist whose work is mainly to be painted into his surroundings by his […]

Willie Nelson Rocks.

Hi, . , Willie Nelson singing ‘Always On My Mind’ is one of my favourite somgs. . Willie, who is now 77, is still doing it his way. Last Friday he was arrested yet again, when his tour bus was stopped at a US Border Patrol Checkpoint and officers apparently noticed the smell. He was […]

Strange Thoughts.

Hi, . Further update about the . It is going to be held sometime in April 2011 I believe….possibly the 28th. So, obviously they don’t have to save up first then! Nice work if you can get it. . Now, if you have read David Icke’s you will know that in his opinion the world […]

Revisit Kylie Minogue And Spencer Tunick.

Hello’ . It’s being rubbishy, grey and extremely wet most of the time here now. Not to mention it being cold too! . So, spending a little more time indoors led me to revisit one of Kylie’s videos. It is about five months now since I last saw it so perhaps a trip down memory […]

Joe Louis: American Legend.

Hi, . Today I am remembering the amazing Joe Louis. Some people are born to do one thing with true genius, some to be , philosophers or and some to be . There must be some people born to be the most amazing and ever, but they may be born where they never ever see […]

Prince William Is Now Engaged To Kate Middleton.

Well, well, well, . Get ready to buy the obligatory mugs, tea towels and wall-hanging picture plates. . Prince William, second in line to the throne, has finally popped the question. . Clarence House made a formal announcement today that the prince is now engaged to the ever-patient Kate Middleton and that they plan to […]

Iain Glen Rocks.

Hi and a good morning to you, . We are on to now….so the week is moving on. . I hope that yesterday went well for you. I had a good evening last night myself, I really enjoyed it. . As we were not doing anything much we decided to watch a film that I […]