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Mr T

Me And Zippy.

Hey, . I wish you a happy Sunday, an enjoyable read of the newspapers and then a fine dinner….just like me! But I suspect that the more technologically inclined amongst you, just have a quick look online, if you want to find out what is happening in the world. . Does this mean that quite […]

Son Of Bear.

Hello dear peeps, . Today is a very cold one up here in the chilly North East. I have fished out my big sheepskin boots.  Unfortunately not real Uggs, but a fair copy, and they do keep my feet well toasty. I have worn these during the winters for most of the last several years […]

Sorry. It Happened again.

Hello folks, . I must make yet to you all. Today I got a heads-up from a charming lady named Manmeet, who had tried to access my site and had been totally unable to get it to show any of my paintings. Thank goodness she told me, or I would have gone blithely on just […]

Who’s A Pretty Boy Then. 2.

For your further edification dear peeps, . With reference to an today. . has just informed me that the earliest known reference to the  phrase ‘sick as a parrot’ originated in a book published in 1682, written by Aphra Behn, and titled ‘The False Count’. . In scene 2 a chambermaid called Jacinta enters the […]

Mr.T. Saves The Day.

Hello people, . Today I am very happy, in direct contrast to how ‘sick as a parrot’  I felt yesterday, after having to spend the correcting my own mistakes.  That is even worse than correcting someone else’s ineptitude, because you have nobody else to blame. Sudden thought.  I don’t know where that saying,’sick as a […]

My Apologies.

Hello, my dear long suffering peeps, . I must apologise to those of you who have been trying to open posts, and have then found that they are not available. . How bloody annoying and frustrating for you. . I must confess, much as I hate to say so, that it is all my fault.  […]

Fagged Out.

Hi dear peeps, . Sorry if you have been looking at anything on  ‘Jaksie’  today and you found it all looking rather strange. . I don’t know what happened…or what I did …but there were all sorts of strange spacings between the lines of my blogs. . Once I noticed this…at 9.30am… I had to […]

A Good Result.

Hi, . I was so upset by the this morning that I quite forgot to tell you the good…very good…news about Big H. . You may remember the first blog, where I told you all about his , and then the following one about to solving his problem once and for all. . Well, he […]

I Can Do The Little Coloured Bits Now.

Hello to you dear peeps, and to your dogs, cats, budgies, and various other dependents and friends. . As it is only seven o’clock upon a fine Bank Holiday Monday, I am sitting here in almost total silence.  Just the odd car passing by the house, and even the crows seem to be eating their […]

Mr. T Can SEE!

Hello to you. . I have some excellent and wonderful news to share with you all. . It has to do with eyes, and it happened this way. . My eldest son was unfortunate enough to inherit his eyesight from me, and not from his father. . At an early age he began to become […]