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I Get Some Stupid Ideas At Times!

Hi, . Greetings to you upon this pleasant Friday. Today we have warmth, thick clouds and drizzle….quite nice actually! . Not a lot is happening here at the moment as Big H is feeling a bit weird and weary. The hospital has been in contact today to say that the last blood tests show very […]

Up And At ‘Em.

Hi, . I am a bit late doing a post today because it was a hospital day for us. It was a case of getting up and dashing about madly before hurriedly leaving, cups of tea still on the table only half drunk. . On the plus side it has been yet another beautiful sunny […]

Bruce Lee. Legend.

Hey, . G’day peeps, I greet you early on a fine morning. It is still warm here and the light is quite luminous today, so perhaps we are going to have a another good one. Yesterday was pleasant until mid afternoon and then it became beguilingly warm and sunny….most enjoyable. It is definitely strange in […]

Tim Parks. A Sceptic’s Search For Health.

Hi, What a warm morning this is, I think that our recent and very welcome heatwave is continuing for a while longer, even though the sky is a heavy pale grey this morning with a fine drizzle of rain. . It has been so sunny for the last few days that everyone is beginning to […]

The Oldest IVF Mother In The World.

Hey, . I see that Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford recently got married in Santa Fey, New Mexico where Ford is presently filming. They have been together for 8 years now and have an adopted son together. Calista is 45 and Harrison is a fit 67. He already has four children from two previous marriages. […]

Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day.

Hi, . It all began with a snap of Keanu sitting alone, looking very introspective, on a park bench in SoHo, New York. This melancholy image of him holding a piece of bread, and the waiting pigeon, really connected with his many fans and admirers. The photographer being a paparazzo called Ron Asadorian and Splash […]

I Just Discovered Kevin Skinner

Hey, . Last night was Big H’s night out at his friend’s house to play XBox games. . For some reason I watched the end of an ‘America’s Got Talent’ episode on the television. It showed a country guy called Kevin Skinner waiting for his first audition. He blew me away because he was so […]

From The Emperor Hadrian To Russell Crowe.

Hey, . Oh dear, it is all over now. No more exotic tropical weather for us. Yesterday became damp and grey by lunchtime and as the afternoon progressed it got much colder again. Oh well, never mind, it is not as if we are not used to it is it! . At the moment though, […]

Now I Know How To Give Injections!

Hi, . What a beautiful day it was yesterday….and it never stopped! After the hospital stuff we went down to Tynemouth and had a superb walk on a freshly washed beach, followed by a stroll on the prom, followed in turn by wonderful fish and chips. . Having said that, I found that I have […]

One More Step On The Road.

Hey, . Good Morning to you. It is beautiful here today again, a lovely blue beginning to what I hope will be a wonderful weekend. The birds have been happily enjoying bread, along with a packet of ready prepared Yorkshire Puddings that I was foolish enough to take out of the frrrreezer ( that was […]