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Hi, . Yesterday I went to town for my yearly eye test, which is now free because I am over 60. . Last year the Optician used some kind of new camera that takes a photograph of the insides of your eyes, in order to check for all kinds of disease and degeneration. . You […]

Email to my son

Added by the son in question: “Hello darling boy, Well, I am sorry to tell you that I have lived down to your expectations and totally ruined all of your work in setting up my Jaksie site yesterday. I posted a test blog thingy and lost the front page altogether. I tried for hours but […]

What was I thinking of?

. . I am bloody sick of doing this blog already and I have not even started it. . I woke up this morning with the thought that there was no place for older women to go to find out what sort of hairstyles suit older women. What style of gear suits a body that […]