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So It Is Actually True Then!

Hi, . So here I am, writing to you once more to the rapid accompaniment of heavy rainfall, like an encouraging counterpoint to my tapping out my daily post. . I am actually getting quite used to the continuous rain now, after all it is only 28 days since St Swithin’s day….so there may well […]

Sometimes You Just Know That They Are Wrong!

Hello, . I wish you a fine day. It is still unfeasibly warm up here ….and with heavily clouded skies. Yesterday we cunningly went for a long walk in the countryside, before the torrential but warm rain began, with Big H sweating as if it was going out-of-fashion. . That sounds yukky of course, but […]

What Shall I Imagine Today then.

G’day, . I though that I should begin today’s missive with an once again. . It seems a good idea as we are in the middle of a very muggy period. The sun is not necessarily shining down upon us, but it is incredibly hot and stifling under a hazy grey sky. . Yesterday we […]

A Frog Of Your Own.

Hello, Hello, . Good morning once more from the damp depths of England’s more northern parts. . I risk being unusually repetitious this Wednesday morning when I tell you once again that it is raining….with knobs on! Unfortunately everyone is beginning to look our more usual pale-green again, as those lovely slight tans we obtained […]

Ed Milliband Malfunction? These Strikes Are Wrong!

Hi, . Is it just me….or is Mr Milliband having a malfunction of one of his more mechanical parts. . Or is he perhaps trying to say that….These Strikes Are Wrong. . So Here We Go. . . What do you think! . Come on now, stop behaving in a reckless and provocative manner, put […]

Staggering Amy Winehouse Jeered At Belgrade Concert. Video.

Hey, . This is actually a very sad post. . Everything is now cancelled after Amy Winehouse’s Belgrade concert. . Reports say that she was slurring and stumbling about on the stage after keeping 20,000 waiting for an hour before she finally made an appearance. Basically it is reported as seeming to be a repeat […]

Furious Surgeon Orders Clegg And Cameron ‘Off His Ward’

Oh Bliss Oh Poop, . I would love to tell Clegg and Cameron, and all the , to ‘bugger off’ myself”….but someone has finally done it. . were at Guy’s Hospital to put forward their latest U-Turn on policy. . They decided to take a while they were there putting a spin on things. . […]

Two Steps Forward, One Step back!

Hi peeps, . So it is , and a Sunday, and a very fine one it is too. . I was up early this morning, to be greeted by hot sunshine and wall to wall blue skies. The weather has been a bit iffy lately, and not at all the amazing heatwave which was forecast […]

Lily Allen’s New Adventure.

Hi, . I was interested to find out about Lily Allen, 26, and her new venture. . First she opened a eight months ago, called it ‘Lucy In Disguise’, and now she is designing clothing to put into it. . And very nice they are too. . I was very taken with the black ‘Audrey […]

What A Scary Start to The Day.

Hi, . What a bloody day! . Big H had to be rushed to hospital by emergency ambulance early this morning because he was very ill. . The day was spent with examinations, questions, X-Rays and tests. Everyone concerned could not have been kinder, or more caring and sympathetic, to us all. . He is […]