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Something A Bit Different.

Hey, . Today is a cold one. I was up very early again this morning, to be greeted by frigid air and icy white roofs once more. . The forecast is that the weekend will be -10, and with inches of snow to boot…. but we will have to see! . Obviously a good time […]

Jacob Riis. Iconic And Life-Changing Work.

Hi, . Some people can make such a difference by how they choose to live their lives. One such person was Jacob A. Riis. . Jacob Riis was originally Danish, although he later emigrated to America where he eventually became a police reporter. He used the new of medium flash photography to make late-night visits […]

Building The Ark.

a Hey, . Many people are worrying about the ‘end of the world’ scenario which is prevalent at the moment. . How many of you are considering the desirability of building yourselves an Ark and making like Noah! . Well, these things can no doubt be done a lot more quickly these days. . Last […]

The North Wind Doth Blow.

Hello, . My goodness we are getting icy winds here today. . Apparently, some reports state that it is gusting up to over 150 mph in Scotland. . Here is a BBC news report about the weather conditions. . . And this is the beach at Prestwick, Scotland uploaded yesterday. . . Oooohhh….summer’s gone then! […]

‘Glow In The Dark’ Surfers Greet The Summer On Bondi Beach.

G’day, . . Do note the Australian flavour to the proceedings today It may be cold and damp up here in The North, where winter is underway, but some places are just beginning their summertime. . Places like . A place where they have just celebrated a most fabulous ‘Welcome To Summer’ extravaganza, which was […]

Oooh, Temptation On A Sunday Afternoon.

Hey, . As you may have noticed … Monday’s post totally failed to happen, so here it is….just a day late!!! . . Yesterday,  I had a very nice daydream about owning a 42.7 acre Hebridean Island. . Do you want to share the dream too …. if so, here are the details for your […]

How The Mighty Have Fallen.

Hi, . This is a post which is interesting for everyone, never mind just the tree-huggers amongst us. . In the Parks of America there are some groves of the Giant Sequoia Trees, which are giant Redwoods. . These amazing trees measure huge circumferences around their trunk. . In fact, as a child, I can […]

Lemmings Will Love This Place!

Hey Folks, . This post is especially for any of you Lemmings who happen to be reading my post today….so, you don’t need to bother writing to me anymore, in order to complain that I do not try and include the concerns of such small creatures such as yourselves in my posts. . You may […]

Now You See It….Now You Don’t.

Hello Monday, . After a weekend of rubbish weather, and extremely from the dampness, I was once again thinking of how much nicer it would be to live down in a place like where it is warm enough to support some quite tropical plants. And oh, the lure of more sunshine and much warmer winters. […]

What A Day That Was.

Hi, . Greetings to you, from a northern place where an early blue sky and sunshine seems to be disintegrating into a much duller sort of day…but I don’t care, because yesterday was sublime. . We went off for the day to a place called Howick, which is set on the coast. The rocks there […]