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Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.

Hi, . And a good afternoon to you from a cold and grey place. It is a good job that I  have a slight tan from that recent exotic spell of weather because otherwise it would be hard to believe that it ever happened at all. Looking out from my window I see that everyone […]

Japan. Later Available Videos Of Tsunami.

Hey, . After the first shock of the tsunami hitting Japan, and the viewing of the first available films taken, there are now a lot other videos being uploaded to UTube. . This one shows the awesome power of the water and it’s unstoppable movement as it reaches Kesennuma Port in Miyagi. How helpless we […]

Japan. Hit By Tsunami After 8.9 Earthquake.

Hi People, . Terrible things happening in Japan just now in our . . Just imagine….an off-shore earthquake that measured 8.9 on the Richter Scale. . This is how it all began. . . After that….the tsunami strikes. . Ariel view of giant tsunami waves striking land. . . The effects have eventually reached California. […]

A Different Tack Today.

Hey, . Friday’s back….weekend’s nigh….yeahhhhh! . Actually I have just realised that today’s heading could be quite misleading for those of you who are of a horse riding type ‘cos this has nothing to do with horses. Sorry about that. I actually don’t know much about horses at all, except for the fact that sat […]

Alston Rocks.

. So, Another trip to . . It is like being on a marvellous film set. Suitable for a meeting with , or your ,  just like . . Always an atmospheric place with it’s Market Square, cobbled streets and old houses from the 17th C and 18th C falling towards each other, and I […]

For The Traveller Who Wants Everything.

Hi, . It is colder than ever today, as far as I am concerned, even though I seem to be wearing my sheepskin boots and my Puffa body warmer….(a steal from TK Max at £39.99 instead of £100, according to the ticket)….all of the time from getting up ’til bedtime. . Oh, and my black […]

From A Harry Potter Viewpoint.

Hi Folks, . Well, I don’t have a long time to spare today because it is at the hospital. Whoooaaaah! . I got up early because I hate to be involved in a last minute rush. Over the years I have found that even if you plan something like clockwork, it takes only a tiny […]

Psst!…Do You Want To Buy ‘The Mull Of Kintyre’?

Hi, . Just a quick one for you. . Were you a fan of Wings? . Were you one of the thousands of fans who bought one of the 2,000,000 copies of Paul McCartney’s hit song ‘Mull Of Kintyre’ which were sold in the UK. Did the swirling of the bagpipes bring out something mystical […]

On Yellow Balloons And Dancing In Madagascar.

Hi, . I was watching a video of a yellow balloon dancing late last night and I really liked it. . You do have to take into account that I only drink at weekends now as I am somewhat, so it was my last night to indulge…and I really did! . I may therefore have […]

A Moment Out Of Time.

Hi, . Lying in bed this morning, feeling deliciously warm and not yet wanting to face the chill of getting up, I began thinking about outstanding moments in a life. The ones that stay clear and meaningful even decades later on. . One of mine took place in . . is a strange place, with […]