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Developments At Marble Arch, London.

Hi, Just a quick one about Marble Arch in London. . . What did you think of the new and permanent sculpture which has just been unveiled at the Marble Arch in London. . It is named ‘Horse at Water’ and has been created by Nic Fiddian-Green. . It is a free standing work in […]

The Darkest, Most Haunted, Place In Italy

Hey, . Recently I was reading about Venice and I came across the island of Poveglia, which has a most awful history and appears to be closed to both locals and visitors, although psychics seem to be permitted to visit on occasion. . There are many stories about it. It apparently housed a small community […]

The Fun Begins.

Hi, . Another fine day I have got myself into here. Blue sky, hot sunshine and it is ….what more could a person ask! . I wonder how many of you are packing for an imminent holiday. I wonder how many of you are heading out to Florida for some excellent wizardy-type fun. . Do […]

From The Emperor Hadrian To Russell Crowe.

Hey, . Oh dear, it is all over now. No more exotic tropical weather for us. Yesterday became damp and grey by lunchtime and as the afternoon progressed it got much colder again. Oh well, never mind, it is not as if we are not used to it is it! . At the moment though, […]

Morpeth Yesterday.

Hey, . I am up early again today but somewhat dissapointed to be met with these familiar dark grey skies and rain once more, especially after the promise of yesterday. Everything is all go at the moment now that Big H is picking up a bit. Because it was a nice sunny day on thursday, […]

The Place Where Dracula Landed. Whitby.

Hey Peeps, . What a magnificent day we have here. It is everything that you could wish to see in the middle of May, with blue skies, no clouds and a wealth of sunshine. Long may it last! . Last weekend Big H and I were watching something that mentioned Robin Hood’s Bay, which is […]

The Execution of Ruth Snyder. Jan 12th 1928.

Hi, . I was fascinated to see a picture taken by a reporter named Tom Howard, who worked for the Chicago Tribune. . The day was January 12th in 1928. A convicted murderer called Ruth Brown Snyder was executed in Sing Sing Prison after being found guilty of the murder of her husband Albert Snyder. […]

Alston. An Atmospheric Place.

Hey, . Good morning to yourself. I hope that your Monday is buoyed up by memories of an amazingly good weekend, as can be hard to get through sometimes! . My morning is fine, but why wouldn’t it be, there is nothing at all that I have to do today. Of course I did have […]

The Underground City.

Hi, Welcome to yet another Saturday! . Now that we are retired, and hopeful that Big H will soon be fixed….medically that is…..not like a tomcat, I have been looking at the ‘must see’ things that we have not yet managed to do, and as we wish to move south to somewhere warmer a.s.a.p. then […]

Egypt Is Revealing The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Hey, . Another week almost done now. My, how quickly they pass, the older you get. . We have a grey day here again….but why change something that works! Seriously though, we have some hazy sunshine and the temperature is definitely rising nicely. So summer is coming….slowly! . I think that we are overusing the […]