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This Place Is Totally Outstanding.

Good morning to you all. . It is yet another day in the life of! . I don’t know what you did yesterday but I hope that there was fun in it for you. We had a very very good day. Big H was up a lot earlier than normal and said that we should […]

New DR Congo Impact Crater Found.

Hi, Well, there is interesting news afoot. . It seems that a report by Italian researchers has identified a huge crater of up to 46km in central Africa. . It is thought to have been caused by impact. Perhaps happening after the Jurassic Period. There are less than 30 craters of this sort of size […]

Lost London.

Hi, . Still cold, white and frozen here with a forecast for more of the same. Proper Christmas weather. It beats sitting down to a hot, festive meal with all the trimmings while the sunshine is blasting down, which has happened quite often in the past few years. . The only real problem here is […]

I’m Free.

HI, . It’s Friday, the weekend is almost upon us, and I’m free. I was determined to have a lie in this morning….just because I could! And I did. . Now I am sitting here in my comfortable old tigerskin patterned dressing gown, drinking a lovely cup of tea, whilst doing my blog. It is […]

The People Who Lived On Stilts.

Hey, . I hope I find you well and happy today. . All is cool here. I have been up since the early hours, which has enabled me to have a bath, wash my hair, feed the birds, and enjoy a and …and all before the painters arrive at their usual hour of nine. . […]

Job Offer On Isle Of Lundy. Deadline 19th October 2009.

Hello , . Today I saw an interesting Job Offer in The times. . It is a very different type of opportunity for a married couple. . The Landmark Trust wants a couple to look after their properties on Lundy, and they will pay them a combined salary of £25,300, along with free accomodation and […]