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The Wonders Of Creation.1

Hi again, . Got another sunny morning here today folks. As we are now into September, I feel we are doing well weatherwise. . Did you see the programme ‘Lost Land Of The Volcano’ on BBC One this week? . I did not get to see it until I watched  a recording last night. WOW […]

Poem: Mrs. T-T.

Mrs. T-T. . Mrs. Turningham-Turpington Hitch-hiked to Widdrington Turned left at Bellingham Then lost her wellington. . Mrs. Turningham-Turpington Went off to Orpington Got stuck near Warrington Then bought some wellingtons. . Mrs. Turningham-Turpington Then drove to Washington Got stuck near Bellingham Then found her Wellington. . Mrs. Turningham-Turpington Fears not the driving rain Now […]

Bad Shit In Amsterdam.

. Good morning my friend, . I agree with you, nothing much great about a Monday if you have to go to work again after a weekend of debauchery, or just a few quiet days doing nothing special. But you do have a bright side, there is another weekend in five days time. Isn’t it […]

Holy Island.

Hello peeps, . Yesterday my friend and I finally   My goodness, what a beautiful place it is. . She rang me at about 10.30 to ask if I felt like going there at 11.30, because she was suddenly left with a free day, and I said I would definitely love to go. . It […]

Poem: Sunbathing

sunbathing . i sunbathed nude in manchester got browner there than most . i sunbathed in mombasa till i looked like crispy toast . i sunbathed on a cape town beach there were others there much darker . i sunbathed up in sunderland but i had to wear a parka . j .

Delayed pleasure.

Hello peeps, . Today has not gone quite as I had hoped. My friend and I had an outing planned , in order to compensate ourselves for the Friday Night Fever debacle . . We had decided to go to visit Holy Island, also called Lindisfarne, which is known as the birth place of Christianity, […]

Friday Night Fever.

A damp “Hello” to you all, . Oh dear me, I shall not be going to the ball after all. . There I was, with my vertiginous leopard skin platforms and my satin trousers all dusted off, totally ready to party, but bad weather has cancelled play. . My  ‘  concert is now CANCELLED!!!! It […]

Bartering and Beaches

Hi Peeps, – I have had a lovely day out today, Big H and I got ready early this morning in order to travel to Tynemouth and visit the market, which is held on both Saturdays and Sundays, in the old railway station near to the sea. . This station is a beautiful Victorian building, […]


Hello Peeps, . Wow, today I logged on and what a surprise I got. I have received a proper comment, from a real live person, who has not even been bribed a little bit. Five days since I began blogging and I have a ‘fan’. At this rate of growth I might end up collecting […]