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Adult Poems. Adult content.

Poem:Window Shopping.

Window Shopping. . . I saw him in a restaurant, I saw him on a train I even saw him sitting On a park bench, in the rain. . I intend to see him close-up, I intend to get it said, I would love to see him naked In my bedroom, in my bed. . […]

Poem: Autumn.

Autumn. . Summer’s gone again I see the bright flushed Fevered leaves Remembering warmer passions In a froth of scattered petticoats Abandoned on the ground .

Poem: In My Dreams.

In My Dreams. . I like to visit Paris Snog with Johnny Depp in Thebes There’s nothing I would rather do Than shag Keanu Reeves I like a beach and moonlight where Brad Pitt and I can play I just can’t wait to get to bed And dream my nights away . .

Poem: Passion In A Cornfield.

Passion In A Cornfield. . . Those summer clouds could only be The smallest shadows On a pink expanse Of loves wetlands . .

Poem: At The Edge Of Town.

At The Edge Of Town. . I thought you loved me At the edge of town On a Friday night. I thought you loved me In a breathy world Of condensation Showing hearts and names That speckled sharply In the turning lights. .

Poem: Adult verse.

Adult Verse. . . It was truly poetry X-certificated verse But I’ve heard worse . Such ragged groans The spoken words quite terse But I’ve heard worse .

Poem: A Faster Love.

A faster love . . I never promised it would be a long forever thing with me. My words upon that moment were only truly meant to be a flowery sentiment across a buttock… pinkly bent. . .

Poem: Wet Dreams.

wet dreams. . wet dreams of you in blue soundtracked wet backed pole axed art house themes torn seams porn dreams. . .

Poem: Wanker.

Wanker. . . You are a big boy now You thought me fit to be abused, You’ll have to live with your mistakes ‘Cos I’m over being bruised. . .

Poem: Party Trick.

Party Trick. . . Don’t look at me now With a painted china eye, I’d think a lot more of you If you’d buttoned up your fly. . .