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Poem: What’s Wrong.

Whats Wrong. . What’s wrong baby.  Why do you act so strange. Let’s have some straight up conversation For a bloody change. This situations gone astray Away beyond recall You played your scene the straight way But you never cried at all. What’s up baby. Why do you act so strange Let’s have some truthful […]

Poem: Smile.

Smile. . I’m beginning to know you In a room like this room I’m finding something Like the truth Soon I’ll be reading you Like an open book If I want to touch you I’ll touch you with a word I wish to speak with you I want to talk a while You need to […]

Poem: The Strangest Thing.

The Strangest Thing. . . They always say that It’s the strangest thing, The change of breathing That a touch can bring. . .

Poem: Mardy Git.

Mardy Git. . . For the things I just said I’m not sorry one bit, You are just a sad loser A real mardy git. You kept strutting your stuff An’ you tret me like shit You’re a blot on my life Just a bloody big zit. . .

Poem: You’re No Saint.

You’re No Saint.. . . You say that life is boring There’s no cure for all your ills. . You really don’t improve things Off your head on bloody pills. . .

Poem: Let Get Festive.

Let’s Get Festive. . . I am feeling really restive Now the season’s getting festive Let’s do something quite suggestive With a Chocolate Digestive. . .

Poem: A Little Bit Of What You Fancy.

A Little Bit Of What You Fancy. . On Mondays I fancy a Chinese On Tuesdays I feel like a Thai On Wednesdays I fetch an Italian From a place I discovered nearby On Thursdays my taste runs to Turkish On Fridays I fancy it Greek But at weekends I just get a takeaway ‘Cos […]

Poem: After Death. Upon The Path Of Stars.

After Death. Upon The Path Of Stars. . . I am happy Upon this new path, I have not been This way before But it has waited, Knowing that I, Upon the turn of life, Would walk this way. . .

Poem: Back To Reality.

Back To Reality. . Each time I go out it’s a drag Because you can’t leave Well alone, What causes you to bloody ring Me hourly, on my Mobile phone. You tell me plainly, that you think I can’t be trusted On my own Well finally I’ve seen the light, Life won’t be normal ‘Til […]

Poem: A Gentleman Never Tells.

A Gentleman Never Tells. . . The farmer’s daughter is a cow The poachers is a dear, The baker’s daughter has big buns But I can’t discuss that here. . .