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Poem: Long Haired King.

Long Haired King. . He is very beautiful, With hair down to his waist. It is groomed and shining In one long, thick, plait. I do not know his name Or even where he lives, He is just a man I met One long ago day in a park. He comes to me now, in […]

Poem: I Know What You Are Thinking.

I Know What You Are Thinking. . . That’s what I find at parties, You just lose your inhibition, Your chain reaction with that bitch Was just like nuclear fission. Don’t even try to do the thing I know you’re playing  in your head, You’ve had me long enough to know That if you do […]

Poem: Stolen Goods.

Stolen Goods. . How strange to see That face once more So unexpected Yesterday. To see his walk The way he moves, To feel regret, and Pain, that way. No point at all In waiting, ’til He caught my eye And crossed the street. Her ring said she was settled in, I could not bear […]

Poem: Kiss Me

Kiss Me . . If I said  ‘kiss me’, Would you kiss me Because you wanted to, Or, because I asked you to. Am I special in my own way Or would you kiss me any day, And then forget me As you walked away. . .

Poem: A Bit Of Strange.

A Bit Of Strange. . You’ve arsed about You make me sick, You’re causing havoc, You’re a prick. I said last time Just one more try, You promised then, I saw you cry. But still you thought To push your luck Indulging in A random fuck. It’s too late now Don’t need this stress Go […]

Poem: Tastes Do Differ.

Tastes Do Differ. . . Gay gardeners Love Sweet William. All Sapphics love Maids In A Row. Though old ladies sit In their Lavender bowers, I’m happy enjoying Profuse Golden Showers. . .

I Want You Now.

I Want You Now. . I’ve wanted you For quite a time, Exactly when Will you be mine. Surely you know My need is real, Don’t you enjoy The way I feel. I think it’s time We had a screw And did the things That lovers do. . .

Poem: That’s Finally It.

That’s Finally It. . . What happened to Your early words, You’re passion when We kissed, How did it change As time when by ‘Til now you raise Your fist. . .

Poem: Live With It.

Live With It. . . It was a simple, plastic spell, You never saw the seams. It was a truly heavy sell, A trade in porno dreams. That awful creature handled you Much better than I could, I wouldn’t take you back again No reason why I should. You’re just a broken wind-up toy And […]

Poem: Sex.

Sex. . Sex is good For when you’re bored It’s good for For when you’re not It’s good for Helping when you’re ill No matter What you’ve got . .