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Adult Poems. Adult content.

Adult Poem: In Your Dreams Sunshine,

In Your Dreams Sunshine. . Did you miss me lots. No way Jose. Did you cry at night. As if I might. Did you miss my touch. Not very much. I could make you come. Go and bite your bum. . .

Adult Poem. Roxanne.

Roxanne. . Roxanne, the lady at the net, whose tight elastic bites, in purple rings. She has not been civilised. I saw her balling the backhand return from some fucking Spaniard. So help me God. . .

Adult Poem: Till Your Face Turns Blue.

Till Your Face Turns Blue. . I love to fuck, I truly do, But I want more than that from you. . I want your eyes In morning light, I want your glance to end the night. . I need your voice Upon the stair, To hear you ask me If I’m there. . I […]

Adult Poem: In Amber

in amber . yes parted, pleated lips opened, gasping, softly forming words on reedy breaths yes yes .

Adult Poem: Wakey Wakey.

wakey wakey . when we lived upon the farm we had a smashing farm alarm . we never had a chance to skive it always woke us up at five . but when a weasel killed the cock we had to buy a proper clock . . i prefer an early morning alarm cock myself! […]

Poem: Hey Sexy.

hey sexy . . hey sexy walk this way . i saw you from behind and fell . so long ago but i still say , to view you from behind that way . still makes my day . . j .

Adult Poem: Need my fix..

, need my fix . no more read on the bog no more trying to jog no more shag like a dog well addicted to blog . j .

Adult Poem: Crackers for Cheese

. crackers for cheese . . i do not think i stand alone in my desire for cheese . of all the treats in all the world it is the best of these . some fools believe that oysters can upstand a cock that’s iffy . but just the thought of stilton cheese can give […]

Poem: Sunday

sunday . . don’t answer the door don’t pick up the phone let’s stay here in bed and do fun things alone . . j .

Poem: SexGod

Sexgod . . the tiny mouse lived in a hole behind my chest of drawers he wore a hat of snowy white and corduroy plus fours he was well hung and entertained compliant  lady mice so potent were his rodent charms no need to ask them twice but sad for him his end was nigh […]